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Hope Your Out of Town Family Isn’t Planning on Skiing Park City Next Year


I find it hard to believe that Park City will actually cost $175 a day next year; however, it is what is currently listed … and it IS in the same ballpark as Beaver Creek was this year. So, who knows.


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Meg Leaf

Whether or not the pricing is in the ballpark, it’s just plain greed at work. Mathematically, given about five trips down the mountain on an average day (parking, waiting in lines, stopping to eat…add another $20-30 at a restaurant), one would shell out $35 per run (best to make it the longest run from the highest peak). If you ski alone, you’d get more than five runs in. Still, an insanely expensive endeavor. With a family in tow five is about right. It makes me glad I find my outdoor joy in other ways.

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