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How are your Park City School District class sizes?

Last spring, there was a worry from teachers and school administrators about class sizes in our elementary schools. I wanted to check in and see how class sizes are turning out this year.

I often point out the negatives of the district; however, if they solved this potential issue, they should get the praise. So, if you are inclined, can you let me know in the comments or on Facebook what your elementary school child’s class size is and whether it’s a DLI class (Non-DLI classes were the most at-risk because DLI class sizes are limited by state law).

Thanks for the help!




I’m pretty bummed 4th grade has 27 and we always get late adds or kids that won’t do dual emersion move over. I thought we had a tax that was paid to keep it at 23:1 ???


Hi Hopeful. Thanks for responding. I think we likely need to get rid of that notion of 23:1 because it sort of means something and sort of doesn’t. For instance, 4th grade may have 27 kids in it, but there is also likely a PE teacher, STEM teacher, and others that interact with the kids. These teachers are then used in that calculation. So, you may really have 23:1 or less. However, you really have 27 kids in 4th grade.

What I have heard from School board members is that 30 students is the line in the sand. What I have heard is that the Superintendent has said 38 kids is too many but hasn’t defined what is OK.

Anyhow, thanks again for providing the information. Hope your school year goes well.


JRES 4th grade STEM have 27 and 28
JRES 5th grade STEM 19


MPES 4th grade – 18 in each DLI class.

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