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How much do Park City teachers and administrators make?

In an earlier story. We had made a comment that $82,000 could pay for two Park City teachers. A reader commented that it was more like one teacher, due to benefits. We weren’t really sure what Park City School District personnel made, so we checked out Utah’s Right to Know website, which shows government employee salaries.

The table below lists gross compensation (salary plus benefits) for all Park City School District personnel in 2015.

We made the decision not to list employee names and instead just provide their position. Each line in the table below represents an employee. Their gross compensation is salary plus benefits. Generally it seems that 30%-35% of the gross compensation are benefits. So, if you see gross compensation of $100,000 it is likely that their salary is about $67,000 and benefits are about $33,000.

PositionGross Compensation
Business Administrator$210,424
Dir Student Services$187,966
Secondary Principal$182,045
Park City Ed Foundation Direct$179,740
Elementary Principal$175,092
Pccaps Coordinator/director$167,777
Elementary Principal$165,659
Elementary Principal$163,980
Middle School Principal$156,894
Elementary Principal$154,520
Special Ed Coordinator$153,992
Secondary Assistant Principal$153,440
Physical Education$148,302
Summer School/after School Dir$147,481
Community Ed Director$146,760
Middle School Principal$144,171
Math 6-7$143,352
Pccaps Coordinator/director$142,047
Health Education$141,495
Middle School Principal$139,067
Math 6-7$136,457
Technology Administrator$135,822
Teacher Specialist / Leader$134,231
3rd Grade$134,076
Teacher Specialist / Leader$134,045
Licensed Substitute$133,746
1st Grade$130,987
Language Arts$130,542
5th Grade$129,338
Special Education$129,010
Career & Technical Education$128,530
English As A Second Language$127,649
Language Arts$127,267
Physical Education$126,888
Physical Education$126,801
Language Arts$126,402
Language Arts$126,306
Kindergarten/early Childhood$125,673
Special Education$125,327
Special Education$125,289
4th Grade$124,149
Teacher Specialist / Leader$124,080
Teacher Specialist / Leader$123,101
3rd Grade$122,935
Gifted & Talented/sight Specia$122,549
5th Grade$122,502
Kindergarten/early Childhood$122,414
Special Education$122,371
Special Education$121,490
3rd Grade$121,425
Teacher Specialist / Leader$121,394
Library Media$121,218
Social Studies$120,742
Special Education$120,042
3rd Grade$119,733
Elementary Reading$119,051
Physical Education$119,006
Gifted & Talented/sight Specia$118,887
3rd Grade$118,767
2nd Grade$118,690
Teacher Specialist / Leader$118,522
Special Education$118,512
Elementary Reading$118,508
Library Media$118,458
3rd Grade$117,951
Special Education$117,911
Special Education$117,756
Special Education$117,726
2nd Grade$117,716
3rd Grade$117,493
Gifted & Talented/sight Specia$117,459
Physical Education$117,387
Language Arts$117,326
Technology Administrator$117,305
Language Arts$117,045
Elementary Reading$117,026
Middle School Assistant Princi$116,867
2nd Grade$116,697
Teacher Specialist / Leader$116,680
5th Grade$115,801
Network Administrator$115,656
Finance Manager$115,652
Physical Education$115,562
1st Grade$115,011
4th Grade$113,701
1st Grade$113,513
5th Grade$113,479
Pcac Director$113,221
1st Grade$113,072
6th Grade$113,038
Library Media$112,827
Secondary Math$112,640
2nd Grade$112,623
6th Grade$112,471
Physical Education$112,234
6th Grade$112,206
Teacher Specialist / Leader$111,836
1st Grade$111,750
Teacher Specialist / Leader$111,643
Language Arts$111,381
Elementary Reading$111,170
Kindergarten/early Childhood$111,152
Language Arts$111,144
2nd Grade$109,704
Dual Immersion$109,636
Physical Education$109,470
Secondary Math$109,196
Gifted & Talented/sight Specia$109,106
Cte Programming/design$109,051
Teacher Specialist / Leader$108,978
Maintenance Supervisor$108,878
Physical Education$108,816
5th Grade$108,758
English As A Second Language$108,428
2nd Grade$108,305
Physical Education$108,267
4th Grade$108,266
Fashion/int Des/food&nutr$108,122
Language Arts$108,014
4th Grade$107,996
Social Studies$107,877
English As A Second Language$107,564
4th Grade$107,061
Human Resources Analyst$106,999
Leisure Learning Coordinator$106,721
Language Arts$106,567
Social Studies$106,451
English As A Second Language$106,261
5th Grade$106,191
3rd Grade$105,908
Band Or Orchestra Or Chorus$105,728
5th Grade$105,419
Special Education$105,359
3rd Grade$105,189
Teacher Specialist / Leader$105,031
Payroll Coordinator$104,749
Dual Immersion$104,463
Shop Supervisor/lead Mechanic$104,350
Career & Technical Education$104,349
Special Education$103,957
1st Grade$103,629
4th Grade$103,467
3rd Grade$103,354
Language Arts$103,148
Teacher Specialist / Leader$102,602
4th Grade$102,479
Teacher Specialist / Leader$102,412
Language Arts$102,293
Head Custodian$102,220
Executive Assistant$101,339
Technical Director (prodn Mgr)$101,330
2nd Grade$101,259
English As A Second Language$101,250
5th Grade$101,148
Purchasing Agent$100,757
Language Arts$100,001
Library Media$99,979
Head Custodian$99,544
Language Arts$99,153
Teacher Specialist / Leader$99,139
Band Or Orchestra Or Chorus$99,036
Social Studies$98,875
Athletics Director$98,824
Career & Technical Education$98,810
Physical Education$98,730
Literacy Specialist$98,623
Library Media$98,309
English As A Second Language$98,287
1st Grade$98,170
6th Grade$98,076
4th Grade$97,915
Language Arts$97,737
Social Studies$97,417
Language Arts$97,235
Mechanic Ii$96,662
System Administrator$96,656
Kindergarten/early Childhood$96,348
Network Administrator$95,693
Head Custodian$95,280
Pcac Assistant Director$95,279
5th Grade$95,074
Speech-language Pathology$94,999
Social Studies$94,954
2nd Grade$94,901
Social Studies$94,659
Special Education$94,409
Social Studies$94,295
Special Education$94,259
4th Grade$94,232
Physical Education$93,833
Transportation Director$93,638
6th Grade$93,511
System Administrator$93,241
Dual Immersion$93,004
2nd Grade$92,809
Language Arts$92,410
Dual Immersion$91,870
Speech-language Pathology$91,866
Head Custodian$91,016
English As A Second Language$90,877
System Administrator$90,690
3rd Grade$90,577
3rd Grade$90,547
1st Grade$90,171
Language Arts$90,163
Kindergarten/early Childhood$90,109
Special Education$90,104
Maintenance Supervisor$90,100
System Administrator$89,993
Gifted & Talented/sight Specia$89,838
Kindergarten/early Childhood$89,792
Language Arts$89,727
Administrative Assistant/curri$89,246
3rd Grade$88,733
Dual Immersion$87,531
4th Grade$87,389
4th Grade$86,836
Dispatcher Secretary$86,827
Administrative Assistant/stude$86,580
Kindergarten/early Childhood$86,556
Head Custodian$86,253
Dual Immersion$85,776
Head Custodian$85,670
Physical Education$85,274
Head Custodian$85,220
Mechanic Ii$84,868
Special Education$84,460
Dual Immersion$84,240
2nd Grade$84,074
5th Grade$84,029
Earth Science$83,888
English As A Second Language$83,100
System Support$82,285
Social Studies$82,272
Physical Education$81,729
Food Service Director$81,674
Dual Immersion$81,022
Math 6-7$80,869
5th Grade$80,796
Special Education$80,607
Health Education$80,196
Administrative Secretary - Sch$79,838
Language Arts$79,555
5th Grade$78,919
System Administrator$78,874
Administrative Secretary - Sch$78,561
School Bus Driver$78,370
School Bus Driver$78,316
Dual Immersion$78,239
Language Arts$77,939
Dual Immersion$77,736
Night-time Custodial Superviso$77,649
Dual Immersion$77,305
Night-time Custodial Superviso$77,212
Park City Ed Foundation$76,672
Administrative Secretary - Sch$76,287
Dual Immersion$75,712
Administrative Assistant/comm$75,592
Teacher Specialist / Leader$75,385
Dual Immersion$75,224
Social Studies$75,198
Food Service Manager I (ms &$74,962
General Financial Literacy$74,743
Kindergarten/early Childhood$74,380
Dual Immersion$74,073
Dispatcher Secretary$73,956
Speech-language Pathology$73,492
Administrative Secretary - Sch$73,338
Speech-language Pathology$73,167
Night-time Custodial Superviso$72,385
Library Media$72,367
Teacher Specialist / Leader$72,329
Administrative Secretary - Sch$72,149
6th Grade$72,063
School Nurse$71,919
Special Education$71,614
Dual Immersion$70,907
School Bus Driver$70,006
Education Technol Specialist$69,784
Administrative Secretary - Sch$69,756
1st Grade$69,494
System Support$69,183
Special Education$68,652
Education Technol Specialist$68,427
School Nurse$67,672
School Bus Driver$67,293
School Bus Driver$66,882
Financial Secretary$66,823
Scholarship Assistant$65,902
Accounting Assistant$65,700
6th Grade$65,421
Library Media$65,394
Special Education$65,382
Dual Immersion$64,966
Dual Immersion$64,701
2nd Grade$63,425
Education Technol Specialist$63,114
Bilingual Specialist$62,743
Iss Supervisor/secretary$61,164
Instructional Assistant Ii$60,224
School Bus Driver$59,843
4th Grade$59,831
Instructional Assistant Ii$59,593
Career & Technical Education$59,306
Physical Education$58,919
Iss Supervisor/secretary$58,837
Administrative Secretary - Sch$58,469
6th Grade$58,414
Student Detention/iss Supervis$58,331
School Bus Driver$58,251
Social Studies$58,227
3rd Grade$58,136
Park City Ed Foundation$57,758
System Support$56,907
After-school Programs$56,767
School Bus Driver$56,143
Education Technol Specialist$56,137
School Bus Driver$54,062
Benefits Manager$52,989
School Bus Driver$52,989
Math 6-7$52,757
School Bus Driver$52,698
4th Grade$52,562
Education Technol Specialist$52,264
2nd Grade$52,232
Library Media$52,209
Instructional Assistant Ii$51,737
Food Service Manager I (ms &$51,728
Food Service Manager I (ms &$51,556
Instructional Assistant Ii$51,332
Park City Ed Foundation$50,970
School Bus Driver$50,894
School Bus Driver$50,514
Education Technol Specialist$49,855
Food Service Manager I (ms &$49,787
Food Service Manager I (ms &$49,772
School Bus Driver$49,090
Teacher Specialist / Leader$48,553
1st Grade$47,967
Literacy Specialist$47,110
School Bus Driver$47,051
3rd Grade$46,743
School Bus Driver$46,672
Kindergarten/early Childhood$46,542
Pcac Lifeguard$45,685
Instructional Assistant Ii$45,399
Instructional Assistant Ii$45,029
School Bus Driver$42,800
After-school Programs$42,781
Teacher Specialist / Leader$42,286
School Bus Driver$41,744
Kindergarten/early Childhood$41,624
Comm Ed K Coord/lead Teacher$40,870
Comm Ed K Coord/lead Teacher$40,747
Food Service Manager I (ms &$40,607
School Bus Driver$40,447
Behavior Support Specialist$40,306
Introduction To Information Te$40,135
Preschool Teacher (classified)$39,365
School Bus Driver$37,871
Preschool Teacher (classified)$37,808
Comm Ed K Coord/lead Teacher$37,604
School Nurse$37,510
2nd Grade$37,317
Instructional Assistant Ii$35,560
Park City Ed Foundation$34,765
Instructional Assistant Ii$34,143
Instructional Assistant Ii$33,706
6th Grade$32,897
1st Grade$32,792
Preschool Teacher (classified)$32,537
Preschool Teacher (classified)$32,030
Instructional Assistant Ii$31,825
School Nurse$31,774
Instructional Assistant Ii$31,043
Administrative Secretary - Sch$30,489
Food Service Manager I (ms &$30,294
Instructional Assistant Ii$30,223
Instructional Assistant Ii$29,837
Physical Education Specialist$29,784
Instructional Assistant Ii$29,203
Administrative Secretary - Sch$28,610
Instructional Assistant Ii$28,266
Board Members$27,932
Instructional Assistant Ii$27,813
Bus Attendant$27,617
Other Contract Services1$27,390
Special Education$27,207
Instructional Assistant Ii$27,058
Instructional Assistant Ii$26,982
School Bus Driver$26,388
School Bus Driver$26,171
Instructional Assistant Ii$26,092
Instructional Assistant Ii$25,998
Board Members$25,819
Education Technol Specialist$25,761
Other Contract Services1$25,108
Other Contract Services1$25,029
Instructional Assistant Ii$24,997
Other Contract Services1$24,849
Preschool Teacher (classified)$24,799
School Bus Driver$24,672
Instructional Assistant Ii$23,979
Instructional Assistant Ii$23,493
Instructional Assistant Ii$23,465
Instructional Assistant Ii$23,315
Instructional Assistant Ii$23,163
Bus Attendant$22,722
Instructional Assistant Ii$22,659
Career & Technical Education$22,286
Instructional Assistant Ii$22,104
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,770
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,659
Kindergarten/early Childhood$21,652
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,650
Park City Ed Foundation$21,375
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,316
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,252
Instructional Assistant Ii$21,177
Non-licensed Substitute$20,959
Board Members$20,839
Physical Education$20,825
Comm Ed K Coord/lead Teacher$20,790
Instructional Assistant Ii$20,756
Instructional Assistant Ii$20,666
Bus Attendant$20,480
Instructional Assistant Ii$20,047
Career & Technical Education$19,275
Special Education$19,226
School Bus Driver$19,187
Instructional Assistant Ii$19,067
Instructional Assistant Ii$18,917
Instructional Assistant Ii$18,900
Instructional/office Assistant$18,795
Instructional Assistant Ii$17,936
Instructional Assistant Ii$17,886
Substitute Bus Driver$17,466
Instructional Assistant Ii$17,285
Pcac Lifeguard$17,275
Other Contract Services1$17,108
Instructional Assistant Ii$16,883
Pcac Coach (swim H20 Polo)$16,498
After-school Programs$16,246
Instructional Assistant Ii$16,210
Other Contract Services1$15,949
Pcac Coach (swim H20 Polo)$15,784
Instructional/office Assistant$15,498
Introduction To Information Te$15,357
After-school Programs$14,594
Preschool Teacher (classified)$14,389
Substitute Bus Driver$13,919
Board Members$13,757
Physical Education Specialist$13,560
Instructional/office Assistant$13,483
Park City Ed Foundation$13,482
Licensed Substitute$13,357
Board Members$13,204
Instructional Assistant Ii$13,186
Instructional/office Assistant$13,054
Instructional Assistant Ii$12,877
English As A Second Language$12,639
Instructional Assistant Ii$12,395
Instructional/office Assistant$12,377
Board Members$12,350
Education Technol Specialist$12,177
Board Members$11,983
Pcac Lifeguard$11,894
Substitute Custodian$11,748
Instructional Assistant Ii$11,744
Non-licensed Substitute$11,691
Non-licensed Substitute$11,626
Non-licensed Substitute$11,601
Instructional/office Assistant$11,444
Licensed Substitute$11,369
Instructional Assistant Ii$11,232
Instructional Assistant Ii$11,170
Instructional Assistant Ii$11,047
Licensed Substitute$10,944
Instructional/office Assistant$10,924
Instructional/office Assistant$10,686
Instructional Assistant Ii$10,548
Licensed Substitute$10,352
Substitute Bus Driver$10,167
Instructional/office Assistant$10,099
Preschool Teacher (classified)$10,031
Instructional Assistant Ii$10,019
Instructional Assistant Ii$9,948
Other Contract Services1$9,940
Instructional Assistant Ii$9,932
School Bus Driver$9,839
Non-licensed Substitute$9,698
Instructional/office Assistant$9,611
Non-licensed Substitute$9,455
Licensed Substitute$9,207
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$9,172
Instructional Assistant Ii$9,162
Instructional/office Assistant$8,676
Instructional/office Assistant$8,433
Pcac Lifeguard$8,367
After-school Programs$8,259
Other Contract Services1$8,074
Other Contract Services1$8,074
Non-licensed Substitute$8,026
Instructional/office Assistant$7,738
Substitute Bus Driver$7,717
Licensed Substitute$7,641
Instructional Assistant Ii$7,631
Instructional Assistant Ii$7,627
Instructional/office Assistant$7,565
Substitute Bus Driver$7,564
After-school Programs$7,501
Other Contract Services1$7,480
Licensed Substitute$7,416
Instructional Assistant Ii$7,155
Licensed Substitute$7,103
Instructional/office Assistant$7,060
Non-licensed Substitute$6,939
Instructional/office Assistant$6,807
Substitute Bus Driver$6,765
Non-licensed Substitute$6,691
Licensed Substitute$6,682
Non-licensed Substitute$6,599
Instructional Assistant Ii$6,494
Pcac Lifeguard$6,467
Other Contract Services1$6,384
Non-licensed Substitute$6,362
Pcac Instructor$6,337
Non-licensed Substitute$6,259
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$6,100
Non-licensed Substitute$6,089
Substitute Bus Driver$6,010
Substitute Bus Driver$5,879
Instructional/office Assistant$5,758
Assistant Coach$5,703
Instructional Assistant Ii$5,699
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$5,640
Licensed Substitute$5,575
Substitute Bus Driver$5,566
Non-licensed Substitute$5,488
Licensed Substitute$5,445
Non-licensed Substitute$5,427
Instructional Assistant Ii$5,338
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$5,205
Instructional Assistant Ii$5,073
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$4,999
Non-licensed Substitute$4,999
Licensed Substitute$4,971
Instructional Assistant Ii$4,903
Non-licensed Substitute$4,776
Licensed Substitute$4,623
Middle School Assistant Princi$4,549
Non-licensed Substitute$4,503
Assistant Coach$4,500
Non-licensed Substitute$4,460
Instructional/office Assistant$4,419
Instructional Assistant Ii$4,415
Licensed Substitute$4,408
Pcac Lifeguard$4,378
Assistant Coach$4,366
Head Coach$4,297
Non-licensed Substitute$4,208
Pcac Lifeguard$4,204
Licensed Substitute$4,168
Non-licensed Substitute$4,157
Non-licensed Substitute$4,146
Non-licensed Substitute$4,125
Pcac Lifeguard$4,072
Water Aerobics Instructor$4,053
Instructional Assistant Ii$4,051
Assistant Coach$4,050
Preschool Teacher (classified)$3,967
Instructional Assistant Ii$3,818
Non-licensed Substitute$3,703
Head Coach$3,619
Licensed Substitute$3,505
Other Contract Services1$3,479
Other Contract Services1$3,470
Pcac Lifeguard$3,463
Pcac Lifeguard$3,451
Licensed Substitute$3,440
Pcac Lifeguard$3,369
After-school Programs$3,352
Non-licensed Substitute$3,311
Pcac Lifeguard$3,292
Non-licensed Substitute$3,287
Pcac Lifeguard$3,253
Non-licensed Substitute$3,228
Instructional Assistant Ii$3,216
Pcac Lifeguard$3,173
Assistant Coach$3,167
Instructional Assistant Ii$3,149
Head Coach$3,090
Licensed Substitute$3,084
Non-licensed Substitute$3,066
Instructional Assistant Ii$3,023
Head Coach$3,014
Substitute Bus Driver$2,999
Instructional Assistant Ii$2,993
Assistant Coach$2,988
Licensed Substitute$2,907
Instructional/office Assistant$2,892
Substitute Bus Driver$2,889
Non-licensed Substitute$2,791
Licensed Substitute$2,782
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$2,738
Non-licensed Substitute$2,707
Pcac Instructor$2,701
Non-licensed Substitute$2,627
Assistant Coach$2,621
Assistant Coach$2,621
Assistant Coach$2,601
Licensed Substitute$2,588
Instructional Assistant Ii$2,577
Assistant Coach$2,573
After-school Programs$2,565
Assistant Coach$2,558
Instructional/office Assistant$2,519
Assistant Coach$2,519
Assistant Coach$2,509
After-school Programs$2,454
Pcac Lifeguard$2,432
Pcac Lifeguard$2,372
Non-licensed Substitute$2,367
Assistant Coach$2,331
Assistant Coach$2,331
Assistant Coach$2,274
Assistant Coach$2,274
Assistant Coach$2,274
Assistant Coach$2,274
Assistant Coach$2,207
Licensed Substitute$2,189
Non-licensed Substitute$2,146
Instructional Assistant Ii$2,144
After-school Programs$2,129
Non-licensed Substitute$2,122
Licensed Substitute$2,113
Licensed Substitute$2,099
Assistant Coach$2,091
Assistant Coach$2,039
Assistant Coach$2,039
Non-licensed Substitute$2,017
Licensed Substitute$2,014
Tutors; Readers$1,999
Assistant Coach$1,989
Pcac Lifeguard$1,962
Pcac Lifeguard$1,909
Licensed Substitute$1,908
Tutors; Readers$1,900
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,899
Pcac Lifeguard$1,898
Assistant Coach$1,882
Other Contract Services1$1,857
Non-licensed Substitute$1,844
Water Aerobics Instructor$1,842
Instructional Assistant Ii$1,830
Non-licensed Substitute$1,826
Pcac Instructor$1,807
Non-licensed Substitute$1,805
After-school Programs$1,781
Non-licensed Substitute$1,774
School Bus Driver$1,750
Licensed Substitute$1,726
Head Coach$1,722
Pcac Instructor$1,710
Non-licensed Substitute$1,694
Other Contract Services1$1,672
Pcac Lifeguard$1,649
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,646
Other Contract Services1$1,615
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,615
Tutors; Readers$1,606
Non-licensed Substitute$1,594
Non-licensed Substitute$1,590
Non-licensed Substitute$1,546
Pcac Instructor$1,522
Sub Bus Attendant$1,516
Non-licensed Substitute$1,494
Pcac Instructor$1,488
Pcac Instructor$1,482
Non-licensed Substitute$1,471
Other Contract Services1$1,450
Non-licensed Substitute$1,441
Non-licensed Substitute$1,418
Other Contract Services1$1,410
Pcac Instructor$1,368
Non-licensed Substitute$1,365
Assistant Coach$1,360
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,337
Assistant Coach$1,325
Non-licensed Substitute$1,319
Pcac Instructor$1,317
Pcac Instructor$1,311
Non-licensed Substitute$1,307
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,285
Tutors; Readers$1,263
Pcac Lifeguard$1,255
Pcac Lifeguard$1,242
Non-licensed Substitute$1,219
Non-licensed Substitute$1,144
Tutors; Readers$1,136
Other Contract Services1$1,130
Tutors; Readers$1,129
Assistant Coach$1,103
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$1,102
Assistant Coach$1,099
Non-licensed Substitute$1,093
Tutors; Readers$1,091
Tutors; Readers$1,077
Licensed Substitute$1,028
Assistant Coach$995
Pcac Instructor$984
Pcac Lifeguard$977
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$967
Licensed Substitute$956
Non-licensed Substitute$934
Pcac Lifeguard$927
Assistant Coach$918
Non-licensed Substitute$906
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$904
Non-licensed Substitute$898
Licensed Substitute$894
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$888
Pcac Lifeguard$888
Tutors; Readers$859
Non-licensed Substitute$852
Pcac Instructor$828
Other Contract Services1$807
Licensed Substitute$805
Pcac Instructor$802
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$801
Non-licensed Substitute$801
Dual Immersion$783
Licensed Substitute$764
Non-licensed Substitute$762
Tutors; Readers$754
Food Service Sub$746
Licensed Substitute$746
Pcac Instructor$744
Pcac Lifeguard$737
Pcac Lifeguard$735
Non-licensed Substitute$732
Instructional Assistant Ii$714
Substitute Bus Driver$705
Other Contract Services1$705
Other Contract Services1$705
Licensed Substitute$653
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$647
Instructional Assistant Ii$641
Pcac Lifeguard$639
Licensed Substitute$620
Non-licensed Substitute$607
Tutors; Readers$605
Non-licensed Substitute$600
Pcac Lifeguard$583
Non-licensed Substitute$576
Assistant Coach$568
Tutors; Readers$567
Other Contract Services1$565
Non-licensed Substitute$561
Non-licensed Substitute$549
Non-licensed Substitute$541
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$538
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$538
Other Contract Services1$538
Non-licensed Substitute$535
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$531
Licensed Substitute$531
Non-licensed Substitute$528
Licensed Substitute$523
Non-licensed Substitute$509
Pcac Instructor$501
Licensed Substitute$474
Pcac Lifeguard$143
Tutors; Readers$142
Pcac Instructor$142
Licensed Substitute$116
Tutors; Readers$116
Pcac Instructor$100
Non-licensed Substitute$100
Non-licensed Substitute$92
Tutors; Readers$92
Tutors; Readers$91
Pcac Coach (swim H20 Polo)$88
Licensed Substitute$86
Non-licensed Substitute$81
Food Service Sub$81
Licensed Substitute$64
Community Ed; Adult Ed; Pto$62
Kindergarten/early Childhood$61
Licensed Substitute$58
Tutors; Readers$54
Pcac Lifeguard$51
Licensed Substitute$51
Pcac Instructor$50
Non-licensed Substitute$46
Tutors; Readers$36
Instructional Assistant Ii$28

Update (1/6/2017):

We received some feedback questioning the numbers above. Some government employees reported that Utah Right to Know numbers appeared inflated. We reached out to the State of Utah to better understand the numbers.

We added a new post called Accuracy of posted Park City teacher salaries that provides the State of Utah feedback and a description of why government employees may feel that numbers are inflated.

However, for clarity in this article, you should know that BENEFITS here include benefits that employees may not directly see in the form of cash. It may include money like FICA tax paid by the district, health care expenses paid by the district, etc. We believe that generally the Gross Compensation numbers are accurate per the numbers reported by the Park City School District to the State of Utah. This is the amount of money the school district is paying in a year for an employee. However, these numbers are made up of salary, benefits the employee sees, and benefits paid by the school district that the employee may not directly see.




Yup, not as cheap as you thought. The actual budget is an interesting read as well, and worth posting sometime just so people can see where the money goes.


Also, how the heck does a substitute make $130k?!? That one sticks out!


The Utah Rights to Know numbers are notoriously misleading. I think it has something to do with the reported number that URTK uses being some sort of base that maybe a maximum conceivable compensation. I work at the University of Utah earning $97k per year. With benefits, it is about $135k. However, if I look myself up on URTK, my salary+benefits shows up as $224k! I only wish…

Either way, be careful drawing conclusions from the Utah’s Right to Know web site.


Still, any amount is too much for a curriculum director who chooses to replace a check mark (to designate correct) with a smiling face, and to replace an X (to designate wrong) with a check mark.

Anonymous Teacher

These numbers are crazy misleading. I understand wanting to post employee salaries (and as a teacher, I’m totally cool with it. Post my salary if you want, doesn’t bother me). But how about some journalistic effort and cross-check the numbers you’re posting with the real numbers? I’m sure a group of teachers would be willing to offer their actual salary and benefits – we get those every year in itemized print out, we know how much we make and our benefits. These numbers are totally inflated. If you want pure salary numbers, you can look at the salary schedule too; it would offer another perspective, even if it means that you cannot know the exact salary of each employee.


Thanks for the comment. We have verified a few numbers with teachers in Park City. However, we have no idea whether the other 99% of salaries match.

Please be aware that these numbers come from the State of Utah. They are submitted by the Park City School District to the State of Utah. We are not likely to fact check official numbers from the State of Utah.

That said, we have reached out to the Utah department who handles this to better understand whether they manipulate the numbers given by the local organization and what could be the cause of any discrepancies.

We would guess the answer is that the state reports what they receive. We will let people know what we find out.

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