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How Did Park City Film Studios’ “Blood and Oil” Do in Its Debut?

Blood and Oil is a new TV series starring Don Johnson, that also is renting out the entire Park City Film Studios. A recent report says the show”is taking over the entire production facility including three 15,000 square foot production spaces and offices.” Given that only 20% of new network primetime series make it to season two and the controversy surrounding the studio (from its inception through recent litigation), the Park Rag is going to follow the show to see how its ratings are trending each week.

For the first week, it was one of the worst ranked shows in the 18-49 demographic (only Bob’s Burgers did worse) and the worst in its time slot. The 18-49 demographic is the most coveted age group for advertisers and ratings in this demographic tend to indicate whether a show will be cancelled. That said, it did have 6.3 million viewers and was up against the series finale of CSI. So, future results could be different.

However, if the show doesn’t improve its ratings quickly, it may be replaced by ABC sooner rather than later. At that point, Greg Ericksen Gary Crandall whoever owns the studio will likely be pounding the pavement looking for their own replacement.

Here are the Nielsen ratings from Sunday night:





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Sadly, the world is not yet ready for the genius that is “Bob’s Burgers.”

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