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How to Watch NBC’s Sunday Night Football if You Are On DirecTV

If you are a fan of NFL football and happen to have DirecTV, You may have noticed that last night’s game between the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t available and Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys will not be available either. There is a contract dispute between KSL and DirecTV that made DirecTV pull the NBC affiliate from their lineup. The end result for football fans is they can’t watch some of the best games of the year. The end result for local businesses that would usually show the game and sell food and drinks is they are likely losing revenue.

There is an alternative though.

NBC Sports streams the games live on their website. Just go to from your laptop and click on the live streaming link on the left side of the screen. They offer multiple camera angles, and my experience last night (when I hooked my laptop to a projector), was that it was actually better than watching the game on TV.

If you are on Comcast or DISH, you aren’t forced to jump through these hoops, but you may want to watch the website stream just to have more options when watching the game.

I believe that KSL is likely holding out, hoping that their audience will complain enough that they can’t watch Sunday Night Football, “The Most Watched Program on TV.” That won’t be me though. Now that I’ve found this workaround, I could care less if KSL ever comes back to DirecTV.

I believe this will be one of those lessons for those individuals in powerful places. If you push the common person too far, they just may not come back.


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Paytv Hater

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