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If this press release about Deer Valley doesn’t terrify you, it should

Masquerading as a story on, we noticed a press release from Deer Valley.

It appears that the NEW owner of Deer Valley, Alterra Mountain Company, has named it’s first CEO (Rusty Gregory). According to the news article press release , “Gregory will focus on establishing the newly formed Alterra Mountain Company’s culture and developing the growth, operating and guest service strategies for its platform of mountain destinations across North America, while leading its more than 20,000 employees.”

Note, there is not one mention of Bob Wheaton in this news story about the company that will TAKE OVER Deer Valley.  Uhh, if they didn’t cite Bob Wheaton, an icon that has helped make Deer Valley what it is was, they are either clueless or they don’t care.

We get that it’s a press release about a new CEO, but if you are going to release something like that to a local paper, you may want want to assuage fears. You may want to quote Mr Wheaton — or at least speak of him.

Either way, be it cluelessness or lack of caring, it tells you something.

According to the release —again in the Park Record– the new Alterra CEO says, “Together we will create a highly performing enterprise by focusing on what’s important – our guests, our employees, and our mountain communities. We will build our business by enhancing and enriching the lives and experiences of each.”

We at the Parkrag hope the synergies of alignment provide the mind share to enable a paradigm shift in the organic growth of community engagement.

WTF did we just say? Good question. We’re just channeling Alterra.

The new CEO  continues,  “With the Ikon Pass, we have created an unrivaled platform that offers one-of-a-kind mountain experiences under one pass, by combining our portfolio of 12 destinations with 11 iconic mountain destination partners across North America.”

UHHHH, yeah …. That sounds just like the Epic pass…. But maybe without the savvy.

Does it sound A little too much like other press releases that have happened in the past around here?

We guess we’ll see.

It definitely feels like what happens when a hedge fund takes over.

God speed Deer Valley. We’ll miss you.


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