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I’m Sick of the Arrogance About Park City’s Superiority Over Summit County with Regard to Development

This morning, Park City City Council Member Tim Henney was on KPCW with Leslie Thatcher. In response to a question from Leslie Thatcher about the “Stoneridge parcel” which was purchased as open space by Park City. Ms Thatcher asked, “It’s still not annexed?” Mr Henney said “No, it’s not even in our annexation declaration boundary.” Annexation, in this case, means that the property is in Summit County but could be brought into Park City proper via a complex set of rules provided by the state.

Ms. Thatcher then asked, “Since you have title on it, you can build trails on it?” Mr Henney responded, “Yes. But we have to comply with another jurisdiction’s codes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it isn’t necessarily the best thing.” Ms Thatcher then said, “That’s why Park City was an applicant for a trailhead?” Mr Henney said, “Yes. We approved a change order for $23,000 in additional work that had to be done to bring it in compliance to another jurisdiction’s code.”

Effectively, Mr Henney was saying that Park City had to conform to Summit County’s rules regarding development, which apparently cost them more and was not a good thing. Wow, that sounds a lot like a developer (in any jurisdiction). That said, I look at some of Park City’s recent developments that are approved and am glad I live in Summit County.

Let’s take the Park City Movie Studio, which is admittedly a bit of an easy target. In Summit County, ridgelines are very important and protected. There are rules that prohibit our mountains outlines from being obscured by buildings for people driving on major thoroughfares. In the case of Park City, perhaps the same doesn’t apply?

When I drive down highway 248 around the movie studio, it seems to block the ridgelines of surrounding mountains. If I recall, the hospital additions may block the mountains too.

I am frankly tired of hearing that Park City thinks they have a monopoly on design and development, when they clearly do not. It’s one thing to be the best and lament when you are forced to lower your standards. It’s another thing to think you are the best and then question when someone demands higher ones.

Some might call it sitting on your laurels.


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Has data for those frustrated with the Film Studio. Park City entered into an agreement to annex and gain local control of an entry corridor to town.
Note the 2 links at the bottom of the page- County Settlement & Annexation Agreement

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