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Increased Thefts Lead to Call for Jeremy Ranch to Become a Gated Community

It appears some Jeremy Ranch residents have had enough. Over the past few months a number of home robberies have taken place in Jeremy Ranch. However, this week thieves took it to a new level with 10 car break-ins on Monday night (8 reported to the Sheriff and at least 2 non-reported as of now). Tuesday night saw at least one other car break-in.

This has led to a call for gating Jeremy Ranch. One resident said, “I definitely think we need to gate Jeremy Ranch. We are close to I-80 and it is easy for savory characters to come right in. Now we may have commercial development right at the entrances and who knows what that will bring.” Another resident commented, “Our first thought after hearing of the break ins was – we are so close to the freeway. We support an investigation of gating our neighborhood.”

Is a gate in Jeremy Ranch feasible? Likely not. There is too much traffic. There are too many construction vehicles. There is also the entrance to East Canyon that would have to be accounted for. Yet, it will likely become an issue. The Summit County Planning Department will likely hear about it. We could see the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission getting involved. Countless hours will be spent.

What else could be done? Jeremy Ranch has a private security vehicle but people have commented that it either isn’t being used or isn’t a deterrent. The Sheriff could step up patrols. However, on the night of the Tuesday break-in, one resident commented that they saw a Sheriff’s vehicle parked in Jeremy Ranch at 11PM. Therefore, evidently that didn’t work.

So residents are left to contemplate what they should do. Neighborhood watch? Neighborhood patrols? Gates? Surveillance cameras across the neighborhood?

Unfortunately, this is what happens when problems aren’t solved early. They take on a life of their own and you never know where its going to end up.


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