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Initial Cost Estimates for Park City School District Remodel

I am sitting in today’s school district board meeting and presentation was made by the Sean Morgan, one of the chairmen of the school’s Master Planning Committee. This was the first I’ve seen of estimated costs associated with rebuilding the Kerns campus and moving Treasure Mountain Junior High School.

Mr. Morgan said that they had received costs from 4 contractors on Phase 1 of the project. The contractors worked together to determine the costs. Mr. Morgan presented what he called the “high end estimates” for the initial phase of development. These include:

  1. Demolishing Treasure Mountain Junior High: $525,000
  2. Expanding Park City High School: $19,500,000
  3. Relocating Dozier Field: $3,200,000
  4. New 5th/6th grade school: $26,200,000

The total cost of these items are near $50 million.

This estimates excludes other phases that include possibilities like:

  • Expand McPolin Elementary
  • New field house
  • New soccer fields
  • New District Office
  • New Learning Center
  • Expand Ecker Pool
  • District Warehouse

Estimates on later phases are less concrete. Mr Morgan estimates a total cost of the entire rebuilding (if everything was done) would be in the $80-$90 million range (does not include warehouse). These numbers will surely change as we get closer to a decision by the board.



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