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Invocation for the Sundance Film Festival Visitor

Thank you oh thank you Sundance Film Festival Visitor.
Thank you for the millions of dollars you bring to our community each year.
Thank you for screening films, so the rest of us can watch them on Netflix.
Thank you for taking every hotel room, so we can ski fresh powder.
Thank you for paying a $100 for a burrito, so our restaurants can survive.

May you find a town that has metamorphosed into just what you want, for at least a couple of weeks.
May you actually listen to Robert Redford’s opening remarks, because they actually mean something.
May you get six inches of snow tonight, so Park City appears to be the place you think it is.
May you have rented a 4WD, in case you actually get that six inches of snow.
May you not experience a drug overdose, on Main Street, at some club at 3AM.
May you not get Harvey Weinstein’d in that same club at 4AM.
May you treat locals you meet with respect, or at least not be a complete douchebag.
May you find the perfect pair of fur underwear at Alaskan Fur.
May you find some meaning (any meaning) in the respect rally.
May you know how to perform a zipper merge on Highway 248.
May your wardrobe include something besides black, since the PIB monicker is getting really old.

So, thank you oh thank you visitor to the Sundance Film Festival.
While many of us will do everything we can to avoid you,
We do appreciate that you come.




Love it!!!


Yeah, the zipper effect. Janna and I talked about this one day, how neither one of us does it, but SHOULD!!

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