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Is There an Obsessesion With Tunnels?

A Friend of the Park Rag sent through an interesting document from 2006, that discusses transportation options in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I find two things truly interesting in the document. First, many of the same players who are part of the Mountain Accord now were part of this study then, namely Lochner and Fehr & Peers. Second, they considered building a tunnel from the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta, to enable cars to drive underground the whole way and avoid avalanches.

So, in 2006 it was an 8 mile tunnel from the base of the canyon to Alta. In 2015, it’s a tunnel from Brighton to Park City. It sounds like either every project today has to have a tunnel, someone important majored in tunnels at school, someone has a vested interest in building tunnels, or Summit County, Salt Lake City, and UTAH have SO MUCH MONEY that the “Cadillac” option is always presented.

For sure, though, it’s safe saying the more things change the more they stay the same.

h/t to A Friend of the Park Rag who pointed us to the story from 2006.


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