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It’s Electric

I was reading an article on California legalizing electric skateboards.  There are so many exciting changes happening in the way of assisted transit. E-bikes are becoming more popular (and affordable) every day and a change like this to a law in California, can only help advance the world of skateboard as a transit mechanism.

While I’m not a proponent of electric bikes and vehicles on unpaved trails, I think it has merit on our paved trails as a way to move people across our community. It’s not hard to envision a time when electric bikes, skateboards, and skates could take a little traffic off of our roadways. That success, though, will depend on how well our planners build this capability into both our subdivisions like Silver Creek and our destinations like Prospector and Kimball Junction. Because of electric assist, the distance is no longer the issue. The issue becomes ensuring that every aspect of a ride can be done efficiently and safely. If that piece is also taken care of, alternative transportation becomes a much easier sell.



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