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Jeremy Ranch Residents Don’t Have to Compromise on Jeremy Center

We’ve received a few emails on Jeremy Center, the hill across from the Jeremy Store. Right now the developer can only build 66,000 square feet and use it for office and small retail. The developer wants the Summit County Council to alter their current agreement to allow them to increase this to 255,000 square feet for “mixed use”. Mixed use in this case means condos, town homes, houses, hotel/grocery, and retail. It appears residents are confused about what is going on, what their rights are, and what they should do.

It’s actually fairly straight-forward. There is an agreement between the county and land owner that specifically defines what the development will look like and the square footage available (66,000 sq ft.). The only way that can be changed is if the Summit County Council votes to alter the agreement and give the developer more development rights. The county council tends to listen very closely to residents before making a decision like this. So, unless Jeremy Ranch residents agree that they want this land developed, no compromise with the developer is necessary.

Some people have commented that this land WILL be developed, so the Jeremy Ranch community should try to work with developer and give them more rights in order to get something more desirable. There is always the chance that the land could be developed under the current agreement. However, the agreement allowing the developer to build is almost 10 years old. Nothing has been built. The developer came to the County Council over a year ago asking them to change the agreement. At the time, we believe they threw out ideas like a gas station being put there. The County Council said they wanted specifics. So a year and a half later, the developer is back with another proposal. It’s our feeling that if they were going to build something there, they would have already done it.

It’s likely the market won’t currently support what they are allowed to build (office space). That’s why they are trying to change the rules of the game. Could Park City need more office space in 10 years? Perhaps. However, that’s 10 years without something on that hill. A lot can happen in 10 years.

So, if you don’t want something built there, our opinion is that you should hold steadfast. Don’t compromise. Don’t let the developer have more rights. Don’t let homes be built that will only contribute to our traffic problems. Don’t bring in more cars that will make it more dangerous for children going to school. Hold the developer to what was agreed upon in 2005.

Our point is DON’T GET SUN PEAK-ED. We’ll revisit that cautionary tale later today.


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