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Just How Many Consultants are on the Mountain Accord?

In response to our article on the Mountain Accord Blueprint, a reader sent an email with the subject: Full Employment Act for Consultants. I thought the person was joking but then looked at an attachment that was included. I’m not laughing any more.

Here appear to be the outside consultants, as listed in various system groups, on the Mountain Accord project. It seems to be a who’s who of local consulting expertise.

Laynee Jones – Program Manager
Jeff Heilman – Parametrix
Krissy Nielsen – Technical Support
Loretta Markham – System Group Coordinator
Jim Carter – Technical Support
Nadine Fogarty – Technical Support
Buck Swaney – Technical Support
Andrea Clayton – Technical Lead
Stacey Aren – Technical Support — Water
Reid Persing – Technical Support — Ecosystems
Adrien Elseroad – Technical Support — Ecosystems
Elisa Albury – Technical Support — Land
Dave Shannon – Technical Support — Air Quality
Judy Dorsey – Technical Support — Climate Change
John Nepstad – Technical Lead
Jason Phillips – Technical Support
Kevin Rauhe – Technical Support
Sarah Nelson – Technical Support
Mike Grass – Fundraising


I realize that most projects require a little outside help, but wow! I also realize that most of these people aren’t the $20 per hour sort of people — maybe add a zero to that.

While I initially scoffed a bit at the email subject, I think the person is dead on with their “full employment analysis.” As they say, it’s a good gig if you can get it. As a former consultant, back in the hey-day of the profession, this would have been a dream job. If you are a partner with one of the firms involved, it’s just like gravy dripping from the bird. If I were them, I would want to drag this on as long as possible. There’s nothing better than a government contract, accountable to no one, that has no defined conclusion. Cha Ching.

It’s things like this that remind me that I’m in the wrong profession.

Here is the source material , in case you are interested.

h/t to the reader who sent this through. I couldn’t produce the Park Rag without help from you great community members. Thanks for the help.



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