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Just Try to Complete The Sage Test Yourself… We Dare You

We are excitedly awaiting the SAGE testing results that are due to be released next week. SAGE is a new state of Utah standardized test where our all students did so poorly that they are considering changing the grading system. It sounds like most school districts as a whole got a D or F and when the results are released to the public it’s expected that parents are going to go ballistic.

As much as we like to pile on to criticism of …well anything… we had some extra time so we went out and tried the SAGE sample tests in math. You see, we were pretty good in math back in the day. AP math classes throughout high school. Quizzed out of basic college math. A’s in every college calculus class taken. Minor in Computer Information Systems.

The state offers sample tests in the various areas quizzed on the test.We started with 12th grade math to see how “awesome” we were going to do and how easy the test was. UHHH… we had to work our way down to 6th grade math to really feel confident in most of our answers. What’s an imaginary number again?

Now, it’s true that the concepts should be MUCH fresher to our current students than those of use who graduated in the previous millennium. However, before you go all Adrian Petersen on your kid (or school district), you may want to give the test a go yourself.

You can take a sample test here. Good Luck.


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