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Kimball Arts Center, Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Like a scorned lover, the Kimball Arts Center says it’s leaving town.  No longer can it deal with such a judgmental lover like Park City.  “What? I can’t build a gigantic 5 story Lincoln Log  building off Main St?  OK, I’ll do something different.  I have the finest architects from Honningsvåg working on it.  There is no way you can turn down this design. An industrial spaceship straight out of 1961… a design to take Park City into the 21st century”.

We bid you adieu Kimball Arts Center knowing that the right decision was probably made.  If the city had bowed to your demands, it would have been more about you than Park City — a building to shake up the design of that little mining town that hosts Sundance.  You would have really put your mark on it. People would have walked by and said, “wow, that looks so different” and perhaps “wow, that looks so stupid”.

Anyhow that’s really it.  The design never was about fitting into Park City and providing arts to visitors and the community alike.  It was about shaking things up. Whether that was by design or the way the architect worked out, it does’t really matter.

Now you are free to explore your options.  We would recommend the old Colby School Building.  Tear down that old,  “non-innovative” structure and build whatever you like.  Use Lincoln Logs, Legos, or stardust, for all we care.  Build a spaceship or just a ship.  The question for you, though, is if you build it, will anybody come?


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