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Did You Know Your Kids Can Opt-Out From Standardized Tests (Like SAGE)

With the uproar over SAGE testing results, we were surprised to learn of Utah SB 101, which was signed into law earlier this year by Governor Herbert. SB101 says that you, as a parent, have the right to stop your kid from having to take part in standardized tests like SAGE and it cannot impact the teacher or school according to law.

From message boards describing this practice, it appears the “trick” is to make sure the school doesn’t then label your kid as “non-proficient” due to skipping the test. There are reports of school districts like Alpine that are happy to not apply this label to children who opt-out. However, we aren’t sure about the Park City School District. If this is something that appeals to you, you should definitely discuss this option with the Administration at your school (or the school district) to make sure you understand all the implications. More general information can also be found on the web.

This movement seems to align itself with those who oppose the Common Core in education, so there are definitely passionate people on both sides of this issue.

We, however, see the SAGE test a little like buying the first model years of a new car. Why buy it when the kinks are still being worked out? In this case, we are confident that Park City Schools are going to do what’s necessary to get SAGE results up in the coming years. A case could be made for waiting for them to figure this out before you let your kid behind the wheel.


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