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Why is Large Basin Rec Bond Not Divided into Smaller Bonds?

Note: We are writing a series of articles on the Basin Rec Bond. We feel that that the “Pro-Bond” side is getting a lot of press and wanted to provide alternate points of view.

In November, Snyderville Basin residents will vote on a $25 million bond for Basin Rec. Basin Rec says they will use the $15 million for open space, $5.5 million for Fieldhouse expansion, $2.5 million for the Ice Rink, and $2 million for trails. Yet, these are varied, diverse projects that appeal to different people. Just because you like open space doesn’t mean that you want over $2 million to go to the ice rink. Just because you hike on local trails doesn’t necessarily mean you want more open space. Each of these individual items is different and each represents real money.

We as citizens are being forced into an all-or-none scenario because they chose to ask for $25 million in total versus having 4 individual bond offerings. Why is that? Most likely because they want to tie other, less popular items to open space — the most popular item of all time. If they were to run multiple bond offerings, it is likely open space and trail money would pass. The others would probably be left out.

If that supposition is true, then we probably shouldn’t approve this bond. It’s as if we are being played by the powers that be. It’s reminiscent of what happens in Washington DC where they attach defense spending to a bill supporting malnourished children.

These varied items should have been broken out. Let people vote for a second sheet of ice on the ice rink. Let people decide whether they want to expand the Fieldhouse. Let people decide if they are for trails. Let people decide on open space.

This is reason enough to vote this bond down. Voting the bond down doesn’t mean you are against trails and open space. It means you are against getting taken. By voting NO it would force Basin Rec to come back next year with individual items so that the community can vote for the line items that they want.

As always, please vote based on your own personal preferences. We don’t presume to know how you should vote. We just hope to provide a slightly different perspective on issues.


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