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Let’s Support Park City’s Wyatt Pike on American Idol

Park City is still a small place. While there are lots of new folks and outside influences, I believe we are still a family. We support our own. When Park City’s own Gold-medalist ski jumper Lindsey Van fought for women’s ski jumping in the Olympics, the community got behind her. Through her efforts, Women’s ski jumping became an Olympic sport in 2014. A triumph.

Today we have the chance to support another born-and-raised Parkite — Wyatt Pike. Wyatt is competing on a musical television show called American Idol. Out of tens of thousands of contestants, he has made it to the top 24 of all people on American Idol. Amazing. Starting this Sunday (April 4) he needs internet votes from all of us to continue in the competition. Is competing on a television singing show on the same level as enabling equal rights in the Olympics. Probably not. However, Wyatt is one of ours.

I first met Wyatt a few years ago in the Park City Follies. He and fellow high-schooler Christian Labertew were our two high school performers who showed up for weeks of practice and then ten nights of shows. Wyatt and Christian were amazing. They were pleasant. They were considerate. They were kind. They were talented. They fit in with people who, in many cases, had acted and sung for decades. They were Park City kids.

Now Wyatt has grown up and needs some help. Having watched his performances on America Idol, I would call him Park City’s Woody Guthrie. Occasionally, he stretches into Park City’s Mumford & Sons. He is fun to watch. Some day he will be performing in Nashville or Austin — without a doubt. Our Park City family can help him get there sooner.

He will be competing again on Sunday April 4. He needs your vote. You can help him in three ways. Starting on Easter, you can vote via the America Idol Website, using the American Idol app, or by sending a text to 21523. This will help Wyatt become one of the finalists. This will springboard his career. It’s what we would do for family.

As Lionel Ritchie said about Wyatt, “You’re Park City’s James Taylor. You are a fabulous story teller. You are in your own lane.”

If you haven’t seen Wyatt, here is his background:

Here is the song that got him into the top 24:


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