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Live Blog on School Board Discussion on Rebuilding Schools and Potential Bond

Today we are live blogging the school board meeting. This is a discussion between school board members about rebuilding our schools. Click more for the discussion:



Kristen Brown

I am grateful for the tremendous service you are offering today!


Please note, as explained in a board meeting last year, a big reason for the growing class sizes is due to our district continuing to accept out of district students. (ie: promontory, Jordanelle area development, heber, etc) It was explained that the state law requires a district to accept students based on size of facilities. ie: a certain number of square feet of physical space per student. ALL of our facilities square footage is included in the count even though it may not be being used for classrooms (district office bldg., school offices, daycare at HS) Therefore, if we build new and/or expand schools we are inviting even more students from outside the district. None of whom’s parents houses property taxes pay into our district to support the education of their students t, and none of whom’s property taxes will be increased as ours will for the expansion.

Nancy Garrison

Thanks for hanging in today for a long day of deliberations and doing real-time reporting.

" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">Erma Gerd

The bubble coming through seems to be very large. TMJH will have 845 students for the 2015-2016 school year. That is about 70 more than last school year and the most that building has ever held. The hallways will get even more crowded, humid, and stinky now.

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