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Are local businesses playing by the rules?

A few weeks ago we received an email from a community member. They are concerned with the water usage of the Park City Nursery. Specifically, the author is worried about whether the nursery is taking more than their fair share from the river and whether they are using water efficiently.

We reached out to Park City Nursery via phone but did not hear back.

So, here is the community member’s article:

The Park Record recently posted an article in the July 8-11 edition regarding the Park City Nursery new ownership and their goals for the future. It was reassuring to note that the new ownership “imagines Parkites from all over town visiting for an afternoon picnic or cozying up with a book next to the stream that runs through the property.” While this is an inclusive and provocative invitation, a greater concern is being overlooked.

It appears that the nursery continues to draw water directly from the stream without a measuring device that is required under existing water rights which has likely led to diversion of water in excess of the maximum allowed amount. Reference the following link for more detailed protest information;

In addition to the nursery, this stream also provides water down stream to the Silver Willow Pond and Silver Willow Lake.

It has been noted by multiple residents that the nursery continues to use what appears to be extremely inefficient rain bird style watering devices that virtually run all day long. Not having the water flow measured, coupled with using inefficient watering practices, appear to be contributing to the stream below the Nursery being reduced to a trickle. This stream and the Silver Willow Pond and Silver Willow Lake are extensively enjoyed and utilized by the approximately 1,500 residents in the Silver Springs Area. The reduced water flow could affect the biologic health of the Pond and the Lake, not to mention the enjoyment of the stream for all the homeowners that live adjacent to the stream.

Requests to the nursery owners to install a measuring device have been made and no obvious action has reflected any attempt to monitor or measure the volume of nursery water usage. Perhaps this request has fallen on deaf ears. We hope not. An onsite inspection has been requested to verify. We, too, want to embrace our hometown nursery and give them an opportunity to set a positive example by efficiently using, measuring and not exceeding the water it has allocated for their use, and thus being a good neighbor to all who utilize and enjoy this wonderful limited resource.

Water is one of the most important issues facing the West. As residents of Park City, you either likely already care about water or you will. We’ve heard from various water service districts that they will further cut back next year on days watering can take place at your residence.

If a business can take water without accountability from the river it doesn’t seem fair (or perhaps legal).

We hope to hear from Park City Nursery soon on their commitment to protecting our most valuable resource.

If we hear from them, we’ll let you know.


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