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Local Sheep Issue Not That Different From Global Warming

Big horn sheep have a problem. They are getting pneumonia from domestic sheep and dying. This will likely lead to 14 permits for grazing terminated in Summit County.

Stop the presses… the fossil fuel industry Utah Wool Grower’s Association says there is no scientific proof of this happening. Yet, the National Forest Service seems to think this is real. If this were global warming would I trust the oil industry or would I look at the research? A recent study out of the University of Washington points to domestic sheep as the cause of outbreaks in the western U.S.

The Utah Wool Grower’s Association is asking the Summit County Council to take a position in the fight, expend personnel time, and likely help them fight the issue to allow grazing to continue.

While we understand that the Wool Grower’s Association’s job is to promote sheep, this shouldn’t be at the expense of endangering other wildlife.  Parkrag wants all sheep, big horn and domestic to live their life to the fullest.  However, just because it impacts sheep farmers, the citizens of Summit County shouldn’t throw caution AND SCIENCE to the wind and harm the big horn sheep.  As stewards of the land, it is our job to protect our wildlife, even if it may have uncomfortable consequences.


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