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Election Sign Violations

During the last election, we wrote about election signs that violated Summit County and Park City laws. It is illegal to put election signs in the “public right of way.” This basically means most signs you see along the side of the road violate election law.

In the case of past election cycles, we really only reported on the egregious acts. For instance, there was one candidate who parked a truck, partially in the bike lane, with a vote for ________ (a person who didn’t win) sign on it.

However this year, we feel compelled to file complaints against every sign violating election laws. It’s just a matter of fairness. About a month ago we learned that a school board candidate was contacted by government officials and told that the candidate’s signs were placed in violation of election laws. Evidently someone complained. Our guess is that the complaint was filed by someone with an agenda. Who else would take the time to lodge a formal complaint?

So, again, as a matter of fairness, if one school board candidate was compelled to remove signs, all candidates (regardless of what they are running for) should play by the same rules. While it’s common practice to use government process against your opponent, it doesn’t mean it’s fair.

So, here are the first signs we are filing complaints against. There will likely be many others.

We have nothing against Logan, Mel, Shelly, or Carol, but we feel compelled since someone started the complaints, for what was likely political motives, that everyone plays by the same rules.





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It would help if there was enforcement this year for political signs.
The problem is if a candidate places a sign in a right of way, then the opponent is compelled to place one there too.
So if no one is going to enforce the first sign, you are going to get an explosion of all the other candidates as they feel they need their name out.

You failed to mention Josh, the Pine Tree sales add sign under Mel Brown.
That too is against the county sign ordinance and I hope you would equally complain about that one too. Not just pick on the political one.


I completely agree on the political signs. It can get out of control. In some ways I do feel for the candidates, as they see others putting signs up, and feel compelled to do so. That’s why I agree that we either need to change the law (and allow signs) or every instance of a sign needs to be reported. So, as of now, every instance of a sign in the public right of way needs to be reported.

As for the Pine Tree sales sign, I wouldn’t say I “failed” to mention it. I saw it and it actually caused me to go to the Snyderville Basin Development Code and look up the rules around temporary, sales signs, on commercial property. I found that they are only allowed with an official permit. Now, did the company get a permit? I don’t know. So, I decided to leave it out… so as not to muddy the waters around the election issue.

Anyhow, I’ll report it as well and if it has been permitted, I’m sure they’ll let me know.

Thanks for the comments!

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