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Morning After Thoughts on Each Election Winner

All we can say is thank god it’s over almost over. Another election cycle in the books and no more signs littering our landscapes. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts on the election winners:

Dave Ure – County Council: Only $500 spent on the election? Now that’s old school.

Chris Robinson – County Council: Deep down in places we don’t like to talk about at cocktail parties, we want you on that wall… we need you on that wall.

Robert Hilder – Attorney: We liked your interview on KPCW last night. We hope you don’t make wholesale changes to the department and only make changes that are necessary.

Justin Martinez – Sheriff: We are happily awaiting the kinder and gentler side of the department, as promised. We hope you can achieve that.

Howard/Shumway – Auditor: Thank god there are no “hanging chads” to count.

Kent Jones – Clerk: One event does not define success or failure — that’s good. Besides, Summit County is the least likely county in the country to post their election notice late next time.

Mary Anne Trusell – Recorder: It’s good not getting beat by a write in candidate.

Corrie Forsling – Treasurer: That race was closer than we thought it would be.

Julie Einhausen – School Board: We’re holding you to your budget promises.

JJ Ehlers – School Board: Won with 100% of the vote. How often dose that happen 😉

Basin Recreation Bond: You, person who is reading this, do realize you could have had HBO for free, every month, for the next 21 years for the amount you spent on this bond? You’re telling me that second sheet of ice will be better than True Detective? There better be gold on that open space they buy.


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