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New Whole Foods Will Test General Plan’s “No New Entitlements” Policy

The Snyderville Basin General Plan Phase 2 is moving through the County approval process. The General Plan defines how citizens believe development and growth should occur in the Basin. It defines everything from our desire for open space to a focus on trails to limits on big box stores. One of the most interesting aspects is Policy Statement 2.3. It says:

“Do not approve any new entitlements beyond base zoning until such time that existing entitlements are significantly exhausted.”

Effectively it’s saying that because there are so many development rights already in existence (to build offices and retail), “let’s not over build. Let’s first build what has been already promised to people, before we promise anything new.” It seems like a logical strategy.

Yet, the new Whole Foods development, across from the Outlet Mall, is asking for 7,000 more square feet than they are currently entitled. They are currently entitled to 61,000 sq ft. but are asking for 68,000 sq ft. That’s 11% more space.

If the county truly believes that we should first expend the majority of existing development rights before anything new is granted, they will ensure that this development sticks to its original agreement — at 61,000 sq ft.

If not, they need to remove that language from the General Plan and let our citizens know that our direction is “GROWTH… Full speed ahead.”


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