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No, We Don’t Need More Hotels Right Now

You may be familiar with the new Hyatt Hotel being built on 224, across the street and down from Soaring Wings Montessori. This location was previously “zoned” for a small restaurant and business space. In early 2014, the Summit County Council agreed to let the development house a hotel, instead. A year and a half later, that hotel is almost done.

The main problem is that this hotel enters an already crowded field, where capacity exceeds demand. In fact, the November 22-28 hotel occupancy rate in Park City (per the Chamber of Commerce) was at 22% occupancy. and the November 29-December 5th occupancy is estimated at 18% of capacity.



In fact, throughout this year, the highest occupancy reported was about 57%. It just seems like such a misuse of space, especially when land rights have been changed to accommodate a hotel versus other uses.


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How were those Occupancy and Capacity numbers derived? Ha! Just kidding.
Didn’t Park City Follies make fun of low occupancy numbers and the resulting competition between Montage and other hotels just a couple of years ago?
I know, I know, this is not a valuable comment at all. I was just in the mood to touch base again after the Giving of Thanks holiday. I am thankful to be alive and able to move my fingers.

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