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No, you didn’t miss out on the lowest EPIC prices of the season

If you are like me, you are trying to determine whether you missed out on the lowest prices of the season at Vail Park City Mountain Resort. Vail’s marketing said May 30 was the day to lock in the lowest prices of the season.

It is now, May 31st. Well, at least for the Epic Local’s Pass, today’s price is the same as yesterday’s price. You may have missed out on a Buddy Pass or two, but your annual rate didn’t change today. Hallelujah, I suppose.

In reality, many of us are trying to decide whether we want to pony up to pay Deer Valley prices next year. Most would say that Alterra didn’t screw up their local resort as much as Vail did. However, what to buy is a question you can only answer for yourself.

That said, I will say that Snow Basin, only an hour away, has been fabulous every time I have visited before March 1st. Check it out.

So, what are you going to do next year?

The good news is you can still buy a Vail local for $626. The bad news is that Deer Valley costs four times as much… but you get what you pay for.




Snowbasin is a better person experience in every way, apart from the drive. The skiing is better, the snow is generally better, the food is better, the parking is better, and the lodges are better. We were Snowbasin pass holders for years, and we were excited when we could stop buying those passes when they were added to the Epic Pass.

That said, we’re sticking with the Epic Pass this year, against our better judgment, because convenience (although that is significant decline even at Park City) is king. And I don’t like skiing enough to pay DV prices … yet.


Spot on, Jake!


Never a lift line on your nordic skis!!!


Aw, I’ll show myself out.

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