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We are now the “Sign Nazis”

Last night we talked about political signs and the need to have them taken down (when they are in violation of the law). Today we filed our first formal complaint against political signs. It’s actually quite easy thanks to Summit County’s great reporting tool. So, yes, you too can join us in our witch hunt against illegal election signs.

Frankly, it’s something we really wish we didn’t have to do… but to be fair… it is a law and one political candidate was forced to bring down signs… so how can we let others do it? We also understand that there aren’t many code enforcement officers in Summit County. Would we rather them focus on saving us from buildings collapsing on people? Of course. That said, sign restrictions are part of the Snyderville Basin Development code. So, if it is a law,it should be enforced (cough…cough… idling ordinances).

So, here we are. The only question is whether to wage a war on all the illegal signs (not just political ones) in the Basin. Ok, probably not… that would be a full time job, and life is too short.


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Wait…you mean everyone here doesn’t just bloc vote for whichever candidate leans the furthest to the Left?

Certainly seems that way, if the bumper stickers around town are any indication.

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