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Old Town Cellars is the Type of Business Park City Should Support

Are you looking forward to an evening out this summer in Park City? May we suggest stopping by Old Town Cellars (near Vinto) on Main Street. Old Town Cellars was formed in the last few years by locals who wanted to produce great tasting wine in Park City.They buy juice from some of the best wine growing regions, blend, and produce a unique product. You may have seen their Mountain Town Red in the wine store.

My wife and I were going to Riverhorse last night and decided to stop into Old Town Cellars before dinner to have a glass of wine. We hadn’t been since last winter. Our visit reminded us that it’s just a great place. It’s so local and so much what a local company should be. There are ski boot shells with flowers adorning the outside. There were a number of bikes and e-bikes outside; when we asked about them, our server said that they all generally bike to work. There are a few guys working, all who live in Park City. You get the feeling that this is what they do. It’s not a job. It’s a passion. That is a very different feeling than you get from other places around town (even at somewhere as good as Riverhorse).

Last night we tried their Pinot Grigio and their Rosé. The Pinot Gris was fine but you have to try the Rosé. I later had a Rosé from France at Riverhorse and it didn’t compare. Old Town Cellars’ Rosé was crisp, with a perfect amount of fruit.

One of the other interesting aspects of their business is their goal to help the environment. We asked about the clear, humongous oblong spheres sitting in the corner of the business. Our server told us that Old Town Cellars wanted their tasting room to be glass free in the near future. They don’t want to just stop recycling their glass… they want to stop using glass altogether. They want to serve their wine using unique, reusable kegs that insure freshness and helps the environment.

It’s the sort of initiative we wish Park City Municipal would get behind. It’s sort of the Achilles heal of Park City. We depend on tourism but that tourism leads to big environmental impacts. Could the city offer something to encourage the reduction of glass? Could they do something that would not only help businesses like Old Town Cellars but also encourage places like the Spur and No Name to dump glass too? We think they could do something.

So lest you take this as an advertisement for Old Town Cellars, the Park Rag doesn’t take advertising money. We just like what we like (and don’t what we don’t). You may or may not like it. That said, if you are looking to do something before your 7PM restaurant reservation, we’d recommend giving them a try.

We will definitely be going to back there.

They are located at:

890 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060





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