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One number you need to keep in your phone if you’re skiing PCMR/Canyons

Please take a minute and put this number in your phone:


This is the number for Dispatch for Park City Mountain Resort. Should you, your family, or a random stranger need assistance it is the number to call while on-mountain.

My wife was at Canyons earlier this week and came upon a teenager who had fallen down the side of a cliff and couldn’t move. The mother was there but could only speak broken English. My wife tried to find a number to call for help (in the frigid temperatures) but the best she could do was find the general number for Park City Mountain. This didn’t do any good, as she waited on hold. Finally after a long-time, an Park City Resort Information worker skied by and my wife was able to flag her down. She was then able to radio for help. However, that was after many minutes of the poor girl screaming in pain.

We reached out to Vail Resorts about the way to handle future issues and Community Relations Manager Kristin Williams responded that you can download the Epic Mix app which has this information (which is good to know if you have the app loaded when trouble strikes), or you can call their dispatch number. 

Either way, we’d recommend you store 435-615-1912 in your phone just in case.


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