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Is Park City hard to get to?

One of the things I’ve always heard is that Park City is so easy to get to, that we will always be flooded with tourists. It makes sense, with us being around 30 minutes from the airport. You compare any Colorado destination, and the distance from Denver is usually in the 1-2 hour (or longer) range.

This morning I was reviewing a presentation from the Chamber and it had a study results slide. The study took into account 1800 persons from 8 markets. Naturally it found that Park City was way above average on being family-friendly, providing a variety of activities, etc. However, we barely ranked as average (not in the top 25%) in “easy to get to.”

I’m not sure if survey responders just don’t know where Park City is, perhaps they have had some bad winter driving in Parley’s Canyon, or maybe they are just pissed that the Uber-Copter no longer flies, but was a little surprising.


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Jim P.


The slide you are referencing in your post is specific to how we measure the effectiveness of out adverting at delivering these key messages (key attributes). If you look at the creative (digital / tv / print) that we were testing we are not currently focusing on “easy to get to” and “easy to get around” message. For 10 years the PC C/B focused on driving this message with the QuickStart Program (Ski Free Day You Arrive)… Based on focus groups and our ad effectiveness study we have found that we score well on that message. In fact, if you look at the last page of the full presentation you will see what I’m referencing. This chart is based on asking the exact same question prior to being exposed to the advertising… As you can see, Park City scores highest on this attribute(s). Hence, we have been focusing some of the other attributes where we need to build our brand. Sorry, there was a lot of voice-over in the presentation to County Council, so some of the slides may not tell the whole story.

Hope that gives you some additional background… please let me know if you have any questions.


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