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Park City Has Changed. Is it the Growth or the People?

I had a conversation a while back with a friend who was lamenting how Park City had changed. I said, yeah the growth is really killing us. She said, “It’s not the growth, it’s just the people.” It was one of those comments that sticks with you. I wasn’t sure I agreed with her, but it was worth considering.

So I’ve been trying to pay a little more attention to people I see around town, and I think she may have a point.  Over the past few months I’ve seen everything from elderly drivers being honked at because they were only driving 45 by the Blue Roof (the speed limit is 45 there by the way) to people passing other drivers on the shoulder. I’ve seen pedestrians walk right into traffic and cause everyone to stop and not even give the obligatory wave.

Yet this morning, I saw everything I needed to know in a 15 minute period. On the way to the vet, I saw a driver flip-off another driver for what appeared to be stopping and turning left into Summit Center (which by definition, you kind of have to, if you are turning left). As I was talking to the receptionist at the vet, a woman barged in, interrupted, and cut in front of me to talk about a rabbit she had found in her driveway. As I was sitting in the waiting area, a SUV pulls up and parks in a handicap spot, in order to take his dog in to doggy daycare. The driver jumps out, gets his dog out of the back, and walks in. No handicap sticker… Nothing…Yes, there were 5 other spots open in front of the daycare.

How would you describe Park City? Are people friendly here? Are they considerate? I’m sure the snap response would be “yes.” After some more thought…really?

In my case, my friends and (some) neighbors are very friendly. Some random people are nice, but I would say many of the random people I meet seem self-absorbed and I wouldn’t call them exactly NICE. It’s more “new” San Francisco than Omaha. Maybe that’s understandable. Two-thirds of homes in Park City are second homes. One third of homes in the Snyderville Basin are second homes.  They’ve brought their baggage from the coasts. What do I really expect?

This morning I heard Park City Council member Andy Beerman say, “Let’s keep Park City, Park City.” I personally think that ship has sailed. Perhaps it should be “Let’s keep Park City, like 1985 Park City.”

Just a thought.




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You hear the saying about this being an entitled community all the time, where people have special rights because they might be wealthy, unique, have lived here a long time, or are just arrogant. I think it’s become more of a “I can do whatever I want” community, irregardless of the impact on anyone around them. It’s a self-centered but unconscious type of mentality. A favorite example is parking directly in front of the post office under the ‘No Parking” sign, or even parking in the fire lane in front of any grocery store in town while the parking lot has plenty of spaces.

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