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Park City Parents … Stanford is Now Free

Dreaming of your little Suzy going to the Harvard of the West? Or perhaps these days Harvard is the “Stanford of the East.” Well, we have good news for you. Stanford is now free, if your parents make less than $125,000 per year and have less than $300,000 in assets. We’re not sure what percentage of Park City students are left after those two qualifiers, but surely there has to be some.

Of course, Stanford takes only 5% of applicants — making it one of the toughest schools in America to get into (if not the toughest). Our guess is that will be even a smaller percentage next year.

So, if your parents are one of Park City’s “Poor” (we could hardly write that), you better get to work. We’d suggest curing cancer as part of your next PC Caps project. If you can’t manage that, at least there’s always Brown.


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