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Park City School Board to consider switching to remote learning tomorrow at 10 AM

Earlier today, Utah Governor Spencer Cox opened the door for schools to return to remote learning due to the Covid Omicron variant onslaught. The Park City School Board has scheduled an emergency board meeting for tomorrow at 10 AM to discuss whether schools should go remote.

This could mean that one, some, or all of our schools will change to remote learning next week due to the Omicron variant striking Park City.

Earlier today, we received what seems to be copy of a text from Park City High School Principal Roger Arbabi to teachers confirming that school will be in person tomorrow.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.



Fed Up

Park Rag, I truly appreciate your communicating the news about this emergency board meeting and giving parents a heads-up about this, unlike the PCSD school board, which has offered ZERO communication or warning to families that going remote is a possibility. Families would benefit from time to prepare for this scenario. I continue to be incredulous by the school board’s lack of proactive communication and overall leadership.


Fed Up, 100!
No communication about anything. What was that state of the district mock presentation that didn’t tell anyone anything about the state of the district? It’s like they !#8k it up on purpose. Gildea is out on vacation this week. Go figure. She’s not even present.


The PCSD board is a farce! They put our entire community at risk even further with the haphazard decision to remain in person. We have four schools beyond the threshold to go remote, ignore the recommendations by the superintendent and the teacher’s union to go online for the upcoming week to slow the spread. Citing equity and the belief that kids will go out in the community anyway when sick. Wow, how short cited! All while we no longer have the mitigation of test to stay! What blatant disregard for teachers and those of us who do not want our kids to catch COVID at school.

We already have lost some great teachers and those who I have spoken with are incredibly upset that the first priority for staff and students is not their safety, but the economy. We are bound to lose the one resource that makes our schools special. It’s not an overstaffed DO or fancy building projects, it’s the teachers burdened with enforcing a mask mandate, teaching both online, and in person. Give them a break!

Schools all over the Salt Lake Valley are going online, with smaller outbreaks than the ones we are having. How did our board come to the opposite conclusions of those folks?

Our board has once again betrayed our community for the singular goal of remaining open. I dearly hope those teachers do a work action, our community has been betrayed.


Well that went well


I am grateful for the actions of the Park City School Board. I think they handled the COVID situation far better than Salt Lake School District. It’s not even a remotely close call.

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