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Park City School District Covid-19 numbers are no longer available from the district

Update: It looks like as of 10:50 AM the numbers are back online.

We heard from the Superintendent’s office that they were editing the spreadsheet for a couple of hours and that can take it offline.

Thanks, PCSD for getting this back up and running. Many people in our community find this information extremely useful.

A number of people seem to be coming to the Park Rag for our easy to access PCSD Covid numbers. Unfortunately this morning the Google Docs Spreadsheet that we link to is no longer accessible.

We’ve reached out to the district to understand whether this is intentional or whether they may be updating their systems. It could be because the state is now reporting them. That would be unfortunate because the state’s numbers are incorrect. The state reports less than 5 active cases and we know from yesterday’s number (13 total on PCSD website versus <5 on the state’s).

We’ll update when/if we hear back from the Superintendent’s office.


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