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Park City School District did a good job of preparing for the Corona lockdown

My wife and I started preparing today for how we are going to teach our two elementary school kids over the next two four-to-eight weeks. One of the steps taken by teachers was sending home packets with at least a week’s worth of lessons.

In addition, teachers provided login information to the district’s online resources, such as I-ready, Raz Kids, and other computer programs. Frankly, it looked like a lot of work to pull all this together. That said, it definitely gives me, as a parent, the tools I need to at least have some sort of learning at home.

I do predict there will be some issues with the online tools. It’s not exactly straightforward on how to access the apps (if you haven’t done them at home before). So, in case you run into problems (these are based on what I saw in Elementary school), here are some tips:

  • There should be specific instructions on how to access online applications provided to our child.
  • Access the online apps from your school’s website. For instance, Jeremey Ranch is Then the Student Links menu is your friend.
  • If you are clicking on an icon in Clever, it may not work… click on the word below the icon.
  • Try this before you need it. It may take you a bit.
  • If it doesn’t work on a tablet than try on a regular computer
  • Try Chrome or Firefox on the regular computer, if you have a problem.

In general, though, the district seems to have done a great job for week one of the lockdown. Now it’s up to us parents to execute on the lessons provided.


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