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Park City School Superintendent Taking Over Grade Realignment Decision

For the past few months, the Park City School District Master Planning Committee has been discussing the issue of realigning which grades are in what buildings. In yesterday’s Park City School District Master Planning Committee meeting, school superintendent Ember Conley announced that she had decided that the realignment was really an “academic” issue and she personally felt realigning grades was right for our students. Therefore, the issue of whether to realign will no longer be a Master Planning issue and will fall to her.

Ms. Conley plans on holding meetings with community members on April 2nd and April 3rd to answer questions and get public input. Her decision will likely follow shortly thereafter. Currently the thinking appears to be that Pre-K to 4th grade will be at the existing elementary schools, 5th and 6th grade will be at a new school (to be built), 7th and 8th will be at Ecker Hill, and 9th through 12th will be at the high school.

Once Ms Conley receives public feedback and officially charts a course, the task of making sure facilities are available will fall to the Master Planning Committee.

There is a palpable sense that there isn’t a lot of time to do accomplish everything officials are aiming for. This is an example where an expeditious path is being taken. In this case, it probably makes sense that this decision falls to the head of our school district, as it really is a decision that should be based on what impacts our students’ achievement and not what buildings are available.


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