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Park City Schools are Ranked Between the 14th to 18th best School District in the State per 2015 Sage Test Results

The State of Utah has released 2015 Sage Test Results for our schools. The Sage test is a standardized test that attempts to tell whether students are proficient in subjects like Math, Science, and English. When the results came out last year, the school district did a massive campaign to try to walk people off a ledge, due to what may have been perceived as low test scores.

Out of that process came a pledge from our school district that these scores would improve the following year. The district was working with each of its teachers to ensure that students needs were being met.

Well, good news, it’s now the next year and we get to see whether that pledge has been followed through upon. The 2015 SAGE results are in. So, how did Park City schools do?

Park City improved in each of three areas. The percentage of students with english proficiency went from 57.2% in 2014 to 59.1% in 2015. Math proficiency went from 52.4% in 2014 to 55.6% in 2015. Science also improved, going from 55.9% to 60.9% proficiency.

If we compare rankings across the state, we are the 14th best school in English, 18th best in Math, and 14th best in science. So, we aren’t the best district in the state (per these scores) but in English and Science we are right at the edge of the top 10% (14 out of 140 districts). For science we are in the top 13%.

The spreadsheet of results can be found here. I’ll be breaking out individual schools over the next few days.


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