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Park City teachers you are magical

In a week, the school year will be done. Park City teachers, you have been amazing. Kids have been able to attend school in the middle of a pandemic with few exceptions. Kids have attended school. They have been educated. They didn’t miss a year. They learned.

Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but we made it through.

As a parent, I salute you.

I’m sure the School Board will take credit. I’m sure the Superintendent will take credit. I’m sure the District Office will take credit.

I’m sure everyone, but you, will take credit.

But it’s you.

Thank you.



Sister Hazel

Amen, Preacher!

Shelley Pierce

Thanks for acknowledging us teachers! It’s been a year…and it’s nice to be recognized that we all made it through.


Parents, kids, and the board/super all contributed too, but I agree. Thanks for a great year, PCSD teachers. We did it!

The Shadow knows

Walt, please let the TEACHERS have this moment without the taint of mention of the board and super. For once.


Thank you it’s been hard but worth it

anonymous teacher

Thank you for this. Anyone who wants to show appreciation for teachers should call up the superintendent and the board and tell them to rewrite their policies to protect spots at every single building for the small number of staff kids that come through pcsd each year

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