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A Park City woman’s place is in the home …

So I was watching Leave it to Beaver on TV Land and Ward was really upset that June didn’t have dinner on the table when he arrived home from work. How dare she not have dinner ready when he got home from work! Didn’t she know how hard he worked all day?

Then I read a Park Record Editorial from the Wasatch GOP Vice-Chair, James Green,  that reminds me that we are apparently still living in the 50’s. Here is how the Wasatch GOP leader begins:

“Here’s the problem with the Equal Pay bill being considered by the Utah Legislature: Traditionally men have earned more than women in the workplace because they are considered the primary breadwinners for families. They need to make enough to support their families and allow the Mother to remain in the home to raise and nurture the children.”

I have to ask myself, am I reading The Onion?

Seriously though… I can’t believe that the Park Record published this. Next we will hear that someone from the Republican Party advocates rounding up “Illegals” in Summit County. This appears to be aimed at destroying any hopes that the Republican Party may have had at regaining Tal Adair’s seat in upcoming elections. That said, stupid is as stupid does. Fair enough.

Let’s get back to misogynistic comments of Mr Green:

“And as even more women thus enter the workforce that creates more competition for jobs (even men’s jobs) and puts further downward pressure on the pay for all jobs, meaning more and more Mothers will be forced into the workforce. And that is bad for families and thus for all of society.”

Damn. I hate it when there is even more competition for jobs… even “men’s jobs.” I assume those are any jobs that require math or science, as women aren’t shown to understand math or science.


It’s so unbelievable that we reached out to Tal Adair, head of Summit County’s Republican Party (keep in mind that James Green is in Wasatch County). Mr Adair stated that Mr Green’s comments were his alone. He made sure to state that everyone has a right to their opinion via the first amendment, but that Mr Green’s comments do not reflect the stance of the Utah Republican Party or especially the Summit County Republican Party.

Mr Adair said that in any business it is important to, “surround yourself with good people whether they are women or men.”  He also said that he didn’t think it was  the job of the government to dictate salaries. If a woman is more qualified or does the job better than a man, she should get paid more.

We think that in Park City the Republican Party has it right on this one. However, outside our little Basin, we wonder. Are Green’s comments reflective of only himself or do they speak to the broader view of the Utah Republican Party?

Summit County has traditionally been a Democrat stronghold. However there is usually at least one Republican on the Summit County Council. That has changed this year.

We wonder if the sort of rhetoric offered by Mr Green will ensure that Republicans are unelectable in Park City for the foreseeable future. We’d guess so.

Summit County Republicans had better state their case immediately if they want any chance to have a part in guiding the county in the foreseeable future.

We frankly can’t believe that gender differences matter in any sort of discussion.


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Terry Moffitt

I thought the Letter was a joke. I seriously did. I had to read it twice. Then I had my ever so much smarter husband read it to me….very slowly and to explain the big words. I could hardly hear him from all the kids crying and the potatoes boiling and the ironing I had to do but he finally helped me understand it.

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