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Bear Hollow Land Would Work for Treasure Mountain School According to Park City’s School Planning Committee

When the Bear Hollow development was created, a certain portion of the land was given to the Park City School District. This week the school district’s Director of Buildings & Grounds, Todd Hansen investigated the land. His initial impressions appear to validate that’s it’s likely a viable spot for a new 5th/6th grade school (to replace Treasure Mountain). His calculation accounted for 1,000 kids and 110,000 square feet. This would be across two levels and would fit on the land (including parking). He did note that this would have to go through County Planning procedures, due to the nature of the original Bear Hollow Agreement.

It is good that the Master Planning Committee is exploring all alternatives. We do question the addition to traffic on 224 but at least we see the group exploring the possibilities, which is good.

The map below shows where the site is located. It is right before Bear Hollow, and below UOP, when you are driving into town. It is the circle in red:




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