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Park City’s liquor stores are now so civilized

There are many things about Covid-19 that aren’t so pleasant — sickness, death, and quarantine come to mind. However, one positive that may outweigh them all is the experience you’ll now get when buying a bottle of wine at a Utah State liquor store.

My experience in Kimball Junction tells me that:

You’ll be greeted by a DABC concierge that will ensure your experience is equitable. You’ll be asked to line up outside the store, with six feet of separation between each human or dog. The concierge will make sure that no more than 9 other people are in the store with you at any time. Exclusiveness. Once it is your turn, you’ll be allowed into Camelot.

You’ll then enter the store and witness that every wine is well stocked. If Utah purchases it, it will be there. No one will pressure you and no one will get within six feet of you. It’s a blessed pleasure, indeed.

When you have filled your cart, you simply go to one side of the store and wait in line — again with proper separation from others. It’s sort of like first class. You’ll quickly move ahead with no stress until your cart is called.

Then a nice DABC employee will scan your items, ask you to pay, and then squirt hand sanitizer on your hands upon exit.

Outside the store, the DBAC concierge will take your cart and thank you for coming.

It’s pure bliss and so unusual.

Long after the Coronavirus has passed, I think I’ll miss this part of these days.


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