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Park Rag Morning 3/9/2017

Good morning. The weekend is almost here. If you ski or ride, this should be a perfect few days for spring skiing.

1. You will be paying for schools… one way or another

On Wednesday the Park City School Board voted unanimously:

“To go to a bond in 2017 and if the bond fails in 2017, the Board will go to a tax levy to fund the necessary facility needs of the district.”

We’re not sure whether the bond will be $65 million, $100 million, $140 million, or half a billion dollars. We’re not sure the board members know either… but they voted for it. And if the tax payers don’t pass the bond, the school board will levy a tax to fund the “facility needs of the district.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

2. привет John Huntsman

Sources say former Utah Governor John Huntsman will accept an offer to be the US Ambassador to Russia. We love John Huntsman as a middle of the road Republican. Hopefully he can bring that middle of the road philosophy to US/Russia relations.


3. Legislature votes to reduce DUI Threshold

The Utah Legislature has voted to reduce the state’s DUI threshold from .08 to .05, the strictest in the nation. Governor Herbert has said he is supportive of the legislature’s action on alcohol. If the Governor does follow through and sign the bill, it will become state law.




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