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PC CAPS Use of Library is Only Temporary?

A quick note about something I heard last night. The Park City School Board Master Planning Committee discussed the High School library changes that were being put in place for PC CAPS. I had been under the assumption that this was a long term place for PC CAPS to live. It appears that assumption was wrong.

My assumption came from the meeting notes of the School Board meeting that approved up to $200,000 for renovations on the library related to PC CAPS needs and a Park Record article that starts, “The Park City Board of Education’s recent decision to allow the district to renovate the high school media center means the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies will have a home for next year and the foreseeable future.”

As often happens with school board meetings, it just seemed as if the decision to make the PC CAPS use of the building temporary, came out of thin air. The spin provided by board members was that the changes being made to the library are what’s best in the long-term for students and PC CAPS is just a temporary user of that new design.

I ‘ll be digging more into this later but wanted you to be aware of the change in plans, if you weren’t already.


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