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How is Planned Parenthood Still Part of Live PC Give PC?

Live PC Give PC is coming up tomorrow. With that in mind we have one lots of questions, but the first is about Planned Parenthood and why they are still part of Live PC Give PC. Don’t get us wrong, we think the world of Planned Parenthood, but since it moved to Heber, shouldn’t it be part of Live Heber Give Heber?

We looked up the Live PC Give PC rules and it appears that an organization must either be A) Based in Summit County and primarily serve Summit County or B) Fund and Manage ongoing programs in Summit County.

So, we know that it’s not based here any more. So, is it funding and managing ongoing programs in Summit County? We haven’t heard of any but we’re not really plugged into that scene. So … maybe?

Perhaps we just feel just a little like a jilted lover. They are the ones that decided to leave and said “we can provide the same services in a more cost-effective manner in Heber”. That made it harder for Park City kids to get access to needed services and in turn worse for our community. Live PC Give PC is about helping our community. There are lots of non-profits that deserve some help. We’d just prefer to support the ones that provide the most support to Park City.



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