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President Biden, please don’t come back to Park City

President Biden, please don’t come back to Park City. I’m sure you secured millions in donations from Parkites, and that’s great for you. However, the impact on locals was terrible.

My son couldn’t get to his reading tutor in Salt Lake. My wife waited in traffic for an hour going down Parleys. I couldn’t pick up kids from camp on time due to the interchanges at Jeremy Ranch, Kimball Junction, and Bitner Ranch being closed. It was crazy impactful and encapsulated the entire afternoon around Park City.

You might say, “well you should have just left earlier.” Perhaps, but there was no schedule posted. I get that, and that’s for good reason. Whoever has watched that fateful scene from the movie Clear and Present Danger, where Harrison Ford’s motorcade is attacked in Columbia, knows how secure you must be. So, I don’t begrudge the Secret Service for shutting down both sides of I-80 or shutting down underpasses. I get it.

That said, to borrow from another movie, “The only winning move is not to play.”

So please Joe Biden, never come back to Park City as a president. Future presidents, please don’t come to Park City. We may, in fact, donate to your campaign to have you NOT come. The really funny thing is that my 11 year-old, while stopped in traffic, looked into the sky and saw the military helicopter flying over the motorcade and said, “Why didn’t he just take that?”

Indeed. A military helicopter or two and a few F-35s from Hill Airfare base seems pretty secure.

As one of my friends said, “Well, I am DEFINITELY not voting for him now.” It’s Utah so my friend’s threat doesn’t really matter. However, perhaps the president should be really careful in scheduling trips to Ohio.





Riveting commentary.

We’re surprised that a professional whiner like you is not more supportive of your uber liberal buddy in the Whitehouse .

Oh… and the F-35s from Hill “Airfaire” base might have been already deployed to Ukraine prep locations in support of your buddy’s war efforts.

You are an idiot in local political commentary, and clearly a douchebag of epic proportions on a national scale.

Perhaps your kids can encourage you to speak about topics at an elementary level you can understand.

Does your family respect you?


I would hope you know that I was elected to the Summit County Republican Party in 2016. It is true that I was more moderate and hoped that we could find a way to bring a more moderate voice to Summit County Republicans. That idea has ebbed and flowed and perhaps not received as much traction as I would like.

BTW, I appreciate your use of the words idiot and douchebag in describing me. That is constructive and obviously shows your ability to use two and three-syllable words.

Either tell me that we are perfect or tell me how we should change things.


You best stay anonymous you are a clueless idiot .


Stop complaining. The whole world does not revolve around you


You may think that I think that way. But it’s not true. My first inclination (after being pissed at the situation) was to wonder about the impact on others. Let’s say you are delivering beer to a convenience store and all you want to do is get home. That hour and a half matters. Total up the time impacted by people on our streets and compare that to the reason for the impact.

Biden came to Park City for donations. His desire for money doesn’t outweigh my need to get kids from the Swaner Nature Preserve.

Or maybe you think it does… Seems like treating our leaders as pre-1776 to me.


So true- the brigade is all for show—and your wise young wise child could even find a solution. But then it’s not about logic, actually never has been with Biden. It’s a travesty whoever offered up their house for a campaign event. Particularly you will find out has been the most corrupt president in our history, selling out for years to other countries to profit his family



PC Resident

I was surprised they motorcaded all the way up Parleys from the SLC VA hospital. When then-President Bush visited Deer Valley in 2008, he landed in Marine One on the grass of Treasure Mountain Junior High.

(Sorry your site is getting hit by garbage comments.)


Amen!! To your article! I totally agree!! This also disrupted some of our customers that were waiting for much needed equipment and parts from a business that I deliver for. People that needed their businesses to keep running . Kind of hard to do that when Mr. President keeps the highway closed for 3 hours! I agree next time take the damn helicopter!! Yes this whole word may not revolve around us. But there are also people that need to get their jobs completed and keep there businesses running our economy going. And oh ya our paychecks coming in.

S Eldredge

I totally agree with the article you wrote!! It was ridiculous to have th canyon closed for 3 hours! Next time take the damn helicopter!! Businesses were affected. I work for a business that were waiting for important equipment and parts to be delivered. To keep their businesses going. Sometimes the world does revolve around us keeping the economy going and bringing in a paycheck.

Disgusted Democrat!

You are a real disappointment to society with your comments! If you don’t have any more respect for our President of the United States, then you are a real loser. Get a life!


I have little respect for a title, alone. A title, even if it is as impressive as President of the United States, means little without consideration of the details.

It is likely that Joe Biden, President of the United States, interrupted 100,000 people and businesses through his actions for hours. There were substantial impacts.

Was he coming to Park City to support his work on Ukraine and plan the US response to Russian aggression? Was he working supporting unions across Utah? Was he meeting with John Huntsman to plan for a more bi-partisan way forward?

No. He was coming for money.

So, stop the bullshit. Joe Biden’s visit wasn’t about America. It was about himself.


I agree, last I read was he hasn’t even declared that he will run again. So why is he doing a fund raiser.

K D.

OK whiners , why don’t you go to your beloved Park City P.D. and do your crying and whining there. Every single President has his own security provided,right ? Well , any Police Dept. That has a visiting President arriving has been NOTIFIED in plenty of time to redirect traffic as needed to avoid excessive delays or closures . Be an adult,act like an adult…..OH, maybe your whining because it’s our Democratic President Biden……GO BLUE!!!

PC gone to Sh¡t the US for that matter! 84060 4life

Parkites complain about anything that effects their privileged lives. Humble yourself and how about supporting the hard working locals that run this town, the families that earn non livable wages so that PC children can enjoy the life you want them to. The influencers that paid to meet the president were just like you, entitled SOB’s that want things their way, get over yourself! If you don’t like it GTFO of here and take your money else where so that you can turn that place to a corporate money hungry utopia that you so yearn for where you can live in a bubble and think that this land is just all yours. Troops have died everyday for this land and guess what?! Those service men and women are from all walks of life , poor and rich, white, black and everyone in between. The President of the United States can do and go anywhere he or she desires and deserves the respect and protection bestowed upon them by being elected. Take your electric vehicle or your gas guzzling SUV to hell for all I care. POS do you really think Sundance Festival or the Olympics will be any better and those last way longer than 3 hours! Tourism and Greedy local businesses are ruining this town. Have you seen the trails lately or noticed the road rage around town. The prices for food and other supplies that you probably take for granted. Probably not since your privileged life keeps you away from the reality that this town is being destroyed by egotistical self loving socialites that just want to show off their tolerance pretending that you are average while ignoring the rest of the population. You are inferior to no one , your bank account balance does not make you anymore special than the next person. PC has gone to sh¡t and it’s your fault! Why don’t you see it! Your parents raise you that way so I guess your not to blame! Have you done anything to change it?! By the looks of it, NOPE! Masking yourself behind an opinion article is all you will do. Did you get your ego booster for the day by publishing your opinions. Your time wasted and the world is just gonna make you more miserable than you are now. Because people like you are not happy and want the world to know it. The tiny world you live in. God bless the POTUS and may he continue to serve another term so help me God!

Richard Altman

We are witnessing the fall of the Roman Empire all over again & it took only 2 1/2 years which is miraculous. Biden is a genius who tumbled a country from the worlds leadership to the worlds shitship. I am amazed at the dumbing of America & the deterioration of the once proud USA. NOW TELL ME, WHO IS MOST RESPONSIBLE FO THE OVERSPENDING, THE ATTACKS & THEFTS OF STores ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY. IS IT SOME IRISH BLOKES, ITALIAN MOBS, RUSSIAN COSSACKS, ARABIC JIHADISTS, CATHLICS, PROTESTANTS, LITTLE BEARDED JEWISH GUYS, YOUNG BLACK LOW CLASS GANGSTERS? Hmmnnn! . AND WHY AREN’T WE STOPPING THEM? Even the law abiding blacks are embarrassed. The world is laughing & rightfully so. We are not different Americans. We are all Americans & if you hurt one American, you hurt all Americans


JB should have taken Mitt Romney with him when he left! Cox too!


Just a reminder. Please try to make comments that are productive in nature. Normally, some of the comments above wouldn’t be approved because they are just insults without any value.

I let most of these comments through this time because it has been a while since there was this level of posting and I don’t want you to think I am censoring your comments just because you insult me. That’s OK but try to add some value. More importantly, please don’t be rude to others on here. It’s just no fun.

Few online places allow comments anymore related to Park City. I’d like to keep this a place where people can post thoughts anonymously because it’s still a small town and sometimes people have something really important to say but don’t feel like they can do it with their real names. I think there is value in that.

84060 4 life!

Your don’t always get what you want


But if you try sometime
You’ll find
You get what you need


How disrespectful of you people!!! Complaining about a couple of hours. The president of the United States was in our state. It does not matter if he is Republican or Democrat. We should ALL be respectful of that.


I tend to view the President as a civil service job where he works for the people. If I met our President in person, I’d look him in the eye, shake his hand, and say “Thanks for what you do.” That’s the same thing I would do when meeting Chris Robison, Roger Armstrong, or any other of our County Council members. The President isn’t royalty no matter how much we want to put them on a pedestal.

Yeah, I get a little miffed when it severely affects my family’s day — and thousands of other people’s too… to cash some checks in the Colony. However, like you said, it doesn’t matter if it’s a D or an R. I would be upset with Trump, Obama, GW, or Clinton too.

So, I respect the President, but I wonder if he respects us.

Dinosaurs 🦕 live

JB is the worst president ever.


I completely agree with you. I want a racist grifter president. One who scams his contractors and rapes whomever he wants. One who mistakes his rapees for one of his wives. One who mislays secrets and cites insurrections. An orange fat idiot. That is my kind of guy.



Trump hater

Not every day you get the president of the United States coming to our state! Get over it. Pretty sure you are not from Utah anyway ? Moved here now call it yours. Not that cool of a town anymore.


A quick response people like you give bad name to good people from park city I understand your kind perfectly I also know how are just following your doctrine Gad it been trump or lee you would have been there with bells and whistles


Maybe his money raising goes toward saving us having a twice impeached, thrice indicted vindictive man-child as the next President. Seems worth it to me!


I think it’s funny people concerned with time have time to comment here. It does nothing but stir everyone’s division. In the time it spent all of you to spew your 2 cents here you could have donated $1 to people who’s families have died in a fire in Hawaii. Way more productive. Go to work. Love your neighbor. Stop talking about politics and traffic. I thought you were all busy. Get back to it. We’re all on the same team. Act like it.

Jackie Fail

You know what I am discussed about you people leave such terrible comments to the president!! You are so rude !! What was a couple of hours out of your life!! Your comments are unbelievable!! He is the president of our country!! 😦😦


Wow, what a bunch of jerks commenting on this. Do any of you even live in Utah?

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