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Project For Deeper Understanding “Debate” on the Park City School Bond is Already Flawed

I usually love the Project for Deeper understanding events. Their Ski Link event a couple of years ago was outstanding. However, I have grave concerns over the setup for their discussion of the Park City School Bond. They are inviting 6 guests to speak and “debate” the issue: two citizens “for” the bond, two Park City School Board members, and two citizens against the bond. The issue is this “fair” debate consists of twice as many people for the bond as against it.

On the “Yes” side you have former school board member Moe Hickey (who is heading up the “Yes” campaign for the bond), Katherine Hoggan (Park City Ed Foundation Board member), Tania Knauer (School Board member who voted for the bond), and Phil Kaplan (School Board member who voted for the bond). On the “No” side you have Joe Cronley and a player to be named later.

That would be 4 people for the bond and 2 against. If this was a fair discussion and everyone got equal time there would be twice as many arguments for the bond as against it.

I’m not sure if this was an intentional move to provide an advantage to the pro bond group (unlikely given Project For Deeper Understandings past) or a simple oversight.

Either way, one school board member should be dropped from the panel and another anti-bond citizen should be added. It’s the only way to make this discussion fair and provide the public what they deserve… a fair and balanced discussion.


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