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PSA: Beware Your Pet’s Paws as the Snow Starts to Fly

Looks like it’s a PSA Friday…

One of the changes I’ve noticed this year is the increase in number of trail markers alongside trails around Park City. My assumption is that Basin Rec has added markers so that paved trails can be plowed more effectively for winter use. It’s a great idea.

However, it appears to that they often aren’t pushing the markers down into the ground far enough. This leaves two points that stick out of the ground. Right now you will be able to see them and avoid them, however, once snow lightly covers the markers they will be hidden. The problem is if your pet steps on the snow above the point, and their foot sinks down, they will likely slice open their paw.

These points don’t seem to be sharp enough to go through a snow boot, so it’s likely that people aren’t at too much risk. However, as the snow comes, and you are out on the trails, you probably want to keep your pets away from these trail markers (just in case).







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