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Q&A on Kilby Road Construction and Changes

Tonight, Summit County held a public meeting to answer questions about Kilby Road changes. This includes the strange curves that run from the Pinebook Fresh Market to Ecker Hill Middle School.

About 15 people showed up to ask questions of Derrick Radke, Summit County Public Works Director. A few people were quite militant. We felt for Mr Radke as a few of the people berated him, the county, every decision a public works person has ever made, whether he had any education (to which he responded that he had worked for over 35 years in the profession). No matter how Mr Radke answered a question, those people would not be satisfied. It was sad that community members can’t be more human.

That said, there were legitimate questions. Here are the ones we found interesting:

Q: Why isn’t the Kilby Road Park and Ride accessible from I-80?

A: The Federal Highway Administration required that if they wanted to connect the Park and Ride with I-80 that there was a formal exit. This is different from a simple offramp. So, that was not possible.

Q: Will there be a bike lane along Kilby RD?

A: Yes. There will be a five foot wide bike lane on both sides of the street (north and south).

Q: Why is the road designed with all these weird curves?

A: When a Park and Ride was proposed, the public was worried about speed of traffic approaching Ecker Hill. So, the road was designed with typical traffic calming measures. Therefore, there are curves to slow down traffic and turn lanes to help ensure a proper flow of traffic.

Q: When will all asphalt be laid between the Fresh Market and Ecker Hill?

A: By Sunday

Q: Will there be construction delays on the first day of school?

A: The construction company is trying to limit that.

Note: we took that answer as a YES, there will be delays. So, please travel accordingly.

Q: How will snow be removed with all the curves on the road?

A: The same procedures will be used, but it will be a little slower for Summit County plow crews.

Q: Is there a designated place for school kids to be picked up or dropped off in the Park and Ride area?

A: No.

Note: a parent told us that the school is planning on sending something out on this.

Q: Who is going to use the Park and ride?

A: Vail paid over $5 million toward the Park and Ride. For this, they received a guaranteed 200+ spots. According to Mr Radke, the County can’t force people to use the Park and Ride but they are hopeful Vail and others will use the Park and Ride more over time.

Q: Will the Electric Express bus service the Park and ride.

A: No, probably not. It will likely be something like the Pink 7.

Note: This is an issue. The Sales Tax increase was predicated on the Electric 10 servicing this area at 10 minute intervals. If there is a change in that, it is concerning and that needs to formally be communicated to the community.



Tom Fisher

Just to clarify on bus service to the future park and ride…..we are working with our partners at Park City Transit to come up with the best options to serve the parking with high frequency bus service. There are several options being explored that include a higher frequency Pink route and other options. Right now, they don’t think its technicailly feasible to use the Electric Express at this point. We are planning on implementng the service change that is chosen as the best way to service the lot with the normal switch to winter service.

Please let me know if that helps clarify this issue.


Thanks Tom for the clarification. I think the citizen concern is that part of the way the increased Sales Tax was based “sold” was based on the Electric Express going to the Park and Ride. That said, if there turns out to be an equal or better option, I’m sure people will be happy with that.

Ski Bum

Thanks for recapping the FACTS here, rather than expounding on the trolling comments left on social media. I am happy there will be bicycle lanes in both directions, so cyclists can go back to calling it Kilby Road rather than Kill Me Road.

Chris Poepping

Thanks Tom

As a cyclist I already have an issue with this bike lane.

As I am driving home tonight not one car other than myself followed the flow of the road heading from EHMS towards Fresh Market.

In fact I noticed cars already ignoring the round about and driving straight across them then proceed to stay as far right the rest of the way ignoring the flow of the road. Just like they do at landmark mark lane at Powederwood.

This is very concerning to me as a cyclist.


My experience over many, many years of driving Kilby Road did not include seeing a lot of speeders blowing through the 25 mph and 35 mph zones. And often enough there was a police presence, so locals have been aware not to speed on Kilby. What of other, less extreme measures, such as video surveillance/ticketing?

After all is said and done and in a few years after all the concrete walls and roads and expansions and buildings around this area have been poured and posted and signage has been added, etc., we will eventually become accustomed to it. It will become the new norm and people will either adjust or move away.

Until then, I say give citizens the privilege of responding according to their experiences and expertise and phone calls and research. We all need to get it out of our systems because many of us believe the powers that be have neglected us and done whatever they darn well felt like doing instead of conducting pre-planning community research through surveys, mail-ins, emails, social media questions, etc.

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