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Live Blog of Today’s School District Meeting on Rebuilding Kearns Campus

The School District’s Master Planning Committee hosted a meeting with the community today at 3:30 to answer questions about rebuilding the Kearns Campus. It was a doozy. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

Click Read More for the live blog of the meeting.





I so appreciate the live blogs you do of significant meetings…its a lot of work!
Thank You!


Thanks for the nice comment. I really enjoy covering the meetings and always learn something. I’m glad people are finding it useful.


Two comments:
1) Huge thanks to Park Rag for being there and putting this info out.
2) “unreinforced masonry” YIKES. TMMS is a time bomb. That thing needs to go sooner than later. If there is a seismic incident and it crumbles on all of our children, everyone is going to be asking why we knew for so long and didn’t do something sooner.


If you look at the current master plan (look under School Board/Documents/Master Plan on that the district did just 4 years ago, you will see that most of the district’s schools, including beloved Parley’s, are made of “load bearing masonry”. Parley’s was built in 1980, TMMS in 1984. So if TMMS needs to go, so does Parley’s. Frankly, the district needs to be looking at a more comprehensive and logical plan to maintain their schools rather than using scare tactics to motivate rash decisions.

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